“Abandoned in Deepest Africa”

Does that title have a double meaning? Oh, those “backwards” Africans. But surely they’ll continue to let us condescend to them for the rest of the trip! Nope, sorry: “hospitality withdrawn.”

The Rev Christopher Newlands, chaplain to Bishop Gladwin, and not part of the Kenya visit, said: “We are shocked but are trying to see what we can do to recover the planned programme and make the best possible use of their time out there.

“The group of curates with the bishop are experiencing the work of the church in Africa and are trying to build bridges between Chelmsford and four dioceses in East Africa so we are disappointed with the reaction.

“I hope that we can get over this misunderstanding and make clear our determination to carry forward the Lambeth Resolutions and to learn how God is at work in all his people in England and in Kenya.”

Ah yes, “building bridges” with other Anglicans by tearing down the bridges with the communio sanctorum. The benighted bigots “misunderstood” and “reacted” disappointingly. Isn’t that how it always goes? The ones who are truly causing the offense act as if they are completely taken aback by the fact that anyone would dare to question their fidelity to the Faith. You mean there are still people out there who think that “lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered” behavior is a sin? News to us.

“Bishop Gladwin is trying to meet Archbishop Nzimbi to explain what patronage of the Changing Attitude group means.” Thanks, Rev. Newlands, but I think we know what it means. Sometimes a misunderstanding is not a misunderstanding at all.


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