Call Day, 2006

This past Tuesday (I’ve been in California since; hence the lack of posts–at least on my part!) was Call Day at the seminary, aka The Biggest Day of the Year. (See the calls at Ft. Wayne here. Congratulations to my good friend Jon on his call to Dorr, Michigan.)

I’d like to publicly congratulate Michael on his call to serve as pastor of St. Matthew Lutheran Church in Spring Lake, Michigan. May God bless your ministry to His people in that place. Also, our good friends (they are all our friends) Jonathan (Perryville, NJ), Marc (Starkville, MS), Ray (Marengo, IL), Braun (Alexandria, VA), Keith (Accident[!], MD), Tony (Livonia, MI), and Jeff (Festus, MO) received calls.

Pray for all these men as they enter the harvest field.


Do You Want Children?

“According to a recent Gallup poll, only 4 percent of adults will be satisfied if they never have children. In 2003, among childless adults over age forty-one, 76 percent wish they had children…They [women] overestimate by up to ten years the age when female infertility begins. The most current studies show that female fertility begins to drop at age twenty-seven, and by age thirty can decline by as much as 50 percent” (Kate O’Beirne, Women Who Make the World Worse [New York: Sentinel, 2006], 44).