Contraception, Round Two

My friend, the good deacon Dana, posted a link to an article by a Protestant essentially espousing the Roman Catholic view of contraception. The following is my initial response.

First, I am absolutely in agreement with Elliot Bougis’ conclusions. Second, I am not so sure about his premises. He makes lots of plausible connections, but I’m finding it hard to see the cause-and-effect relationships.
For example (and this may be the biggest), because contraception was invented, homosexual sex is thought by Christians to be no big deal. That’s acceptable as far as it goes, but it says nothing about Christians using contraception. The misuse of something (or its idea) does not negate its use. That’s a simple principle that should be always taken into consideration in areas such as this.
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Fun With Bumper Stickers 1

So this pizza guy backs into my car last night, and as I’m taking down his insurance information, he notices the sticker on the back of my car, which reads: “The ACLU: We don’t hate religion. We just hate Christianity!” (Get yours here!) He then says, sort of offended, “Dude, I’m a Christian.” Not realizing what he was looking at, I said, “Are you?” But then I realize what he’s saying, and I told him that it’s sarcasm, but he still doesn’t get it. Anyway, the point of this is that I never thought that so many people would not get the joke. More than one person has assumed that I represent the ACLU and that, because of my other sticker, I am a JOhn KErry supporter. (Get yours here!)
But if I can get people to associate “ACLU” with “anti-Christian” (regardless of what they think of the guy in the green VW), my sticker will have accomplished at least one of its purposes (the other being to tweak ACLU supporters).
[I have a feeling this will become an ongoing series of posts, hence the “1”.]


Britney and Kevin

Britney Spears is engaged. Balaam’s Ass site does not consider this news to be blog worthy. However, a fact about her new beau draws some interest. Kevin Federline, the man who asked Britney for her hand, has a child with another woman. And this same woman is expecting another Federline child next month!

Something to Think About

Baseball fans often forget how much pressure some players put on themselves in order to live up to high expectations. Minnesota Twins first baseman Doug Mientkiewicz, who is in quite a slump, offers a memorable quote for his fans.

In order to start hitting the ball again, Mientkiewicz wondered, “Maybe I need a son. Maybe I need a daughter. I need something else in my life so every out doesn’t consume me. The game is wrapped so tightly around my brain that when I go through this, I can barely function.”

Democrats and Strip Clubs

You may have heard that certain strip clubs are registering voters (final story on the page) and trying to get them to vote Democratic. Why? Because of “blows to freedom by Republican leaders.” But that’s not all. The owner of one club in Cleveland, Ohio, said, “What starts in adult entertainment as censorship eventually trickles down into journalism, art, film, music.” Now that’s a new one: the censorship trickles down from strip clubs to “journalism, art, film, music.” (Spit your Pepsi away from the keyboard when you laugh.)


The Presentation of the Augsburg Confession

474 years ago today, 25 June 1530, Philip Melanchthon led a group of Evangelical theologians to the city of Augsburg, where they presented their catholic confession of faith before Emperor Charles V. In response to the imperial summons, the Evangelicals said the following [from the Preface to the German Text of the Augsburg Confession]:
“Most serene, most mighty, invincible Emperor, most gracious Lord. A short time ago, Your Imperial Majesty graciously summoned an imperial diet to convene here at Augsburg. The summons indicated an earnest desire, first, to deliberate concerning matters pertaining to ‘the Turks, that hereditary foe of ours and of the Christian name,’ and how this foe ‘might be effectively resisted with unwavering help’; and second, to deliberate ‘and diligently to consider how we may act concerning the dissension in the holy faith and Christian religion and to hear, understand, and consider with love and graciousness everyone’s judgment, opinion, and beliefs among us, to unite the same in agreement on one Christian truth, and to lay aside whatever may not have been rightly interpreted or treated by either side, so that all of us can accept and preserve a single, true religion. Inasmuch as we are all enlisted under one Christ, we are all to live together in one communion and in one church.’ Because we, the undersigned elector and princes, including our associates as well as other electors, princes, and estates, have been summoned for these purposes, we have complied and can say, without boasting, that we were among the first to arrive.
“Moreover, Your Imperial Majesty graciously, most diligently, and earnestly desired, in reference to the most humble compliance with the summons and in conformity to it, as well as in the matters pertaining to the faith, that eah of the electors, princes, and estates should commit in writing, in German and in Latin, his judgments, opinions, and beliefs concerning said errors, dissensions, and abuses, etc. Accordingly, after due consideration and counsel, it was proposed to Your Imperial Majesty last Wednesday [22 June] that, in keeping with Your Majesty’s wish, we should present our case in German and Latin today, Friday [24 June; but postponed to Saturday 25 June]. Wherefore, in most humble obedience to Your Imperial Majesty, we offer and present a confession of our pastors’ and preachers’ teachings as well as of our faith, setting forth on the basis of the divine Holy Scripture what and in what manner they preach, teach, believe, and give instruction in our lands, principalities, dominions, cities, and territories. …
“We now once again adhere to these actions [calling and participating in a council], and neither these nor any subsequent negotiations shall make us waver (unless the matters in dissension are in a charitable and friendly manner finally heard, considered, setteld, and result in Christian unity, according to Your Imperial Majesty’s summons), as we herewith make public witness and appeal. This is our confession and that of our people, article by article, as follows.”

[See Pr. Joel Brondos’ and Pr. Paul McCain’s posts, as well.]