Salty or Sweet?

Requiescat in pace, Fr. Capon…

But if the salt of the earth becomes insipid–if a disciple of Jesus forgets that only losing wins, and a fortiori, if the apostolic church forgets it–where in the wide world of winners drowning in the syrup of their own success will either disciple or the church be able to recapture the saltiness of victory out of loss?  The answer is nowhere.  And the sad fact is that the church, both now and at far too many times in its history, has found it easier to act as if it were selling the sugar of moral and spiritual achievement rather than the salt of Jesus’ passion and death.  It will preach salvation for the successfully well-behaved, redemption for the triumphantly correct in doctrine, and pie in the sky for all the winners who think they can walk into the final judgment and flash their passing report cards at Jesus.  But every last bit of that now and ever shall be pure baloney because: (a) nobody will ever have that kind of sugar to sweeten the last deal with, and (b) Jesus is going to present us all to the Father in the power of his resurrection and not at all in the power of our own totally inadequate records, either good or bad.

But does the church preach that salty message?  Not as I hear it, it doesn’t.  It preaches the nutra-sweet religion of test-passing, which is the only thing the world is ready to buy and which isn’t even real sugar let alone salt.  In spite of all our fakery, though, Jesus’ program remains firm.  He saves losers and only losers.  He raises the dead and only the dead.  And he rejoices more over the last, the least, and the little than over all the winners in the world.  That alone is what this losing race of ours needs to hear, even though it can’t stand the thought of it.  That alone is the salt that can take our perishing insipidity and give it life and flavor forever.  That alone….  [Robert Farrar Capon, Kingdom, Grace, Judgment, 183-184]