The Last Things

This is my final week at the seminary, and, tonight, a few of us prayed, sung, and heard God’s Word at Evening Prayer. That was the last one of the school year. Of course, it was sort of sad walking out of the chapel one final time. But then I remembered all of the grace that came during the Evening Prayer times during the last few years. And I remembered that the sadness I felt was just a reminder that we are eternal beings, groaning until Christ returns. At that time, we will not have to leave any chapels. We will not be separated from that fellowship of believers. We will be with each other and with Christ forever.

Now You’ve Gone Too Far

The UCC’s ads tout their wonderfully warm welcomes to all comers–especially those (r)ejected by all other churches (you know, blacks, homosexuals, single mothers)…unless, of course, you question their use of finances.

The TV advertisements aired by UCC headquarters and supported by the Venice church, proclaim, “No matter who you are or where you are on life’s journey, you are welcome here.”

And the Venice church’s monthly bulletin adds, “We do not condone anyone ever being ejected from his or her church.”