“Feminist Fantasies”

No, that’s not what you think it is. And, no, you wouldn’t want to know what those were, anyway. Feminist Fantasies is a brilliant collection of Phyllis Schlafly’s articles, columns, and Congressional testimony. If you’re looking for some enlightening, frequently amusing, and frequently disturbing reading on feminism and its cultural and moral bankruptcy, I recommend this book. The following excerpt is a good summary:

Feminism is incompatible with the truth. It’s based on the lie that American women are oppressed and mistreated, whereas American women are in fact the most fortunate class of people who ever lived.

Feminism is incompatible with human nature. The premise of the feminists is that God goofed in making us in two different sexes, and our laws should remedy His mistake. …

Feminism is incompatible with common sense. The rejection of the family flies in the face of all human expreience. The family is the proven best way fro men and women to live together on this earth. …

Feminism is incompatible with marriage and motherhood. … [W]hile the feminists rejected motherhood, not many men changed their attitudes, and babies didn’t change at all. A Wall Street Journal study showed that 52 percent of successful women are divorced or unmarried, compared with only 5 percent of men.

Feminism is incompatible with personal happiness. Its technique of identifying and exaggerating grievances produces a chip-on-the-shoulder attitude toward life as well as a disdain for traditional values and roles. …

Feminism is incompatible with the private enterprise system because feminists propose government as the solution to every problem. … But the feminists who proclaim their liberation from men always run to Big Brother Government as a replacement. …

Faith, commitment, hard work, family, children, and grandchildren still offer the most fulfillment, as well as our reach into the future. Feminism is no substitute for traditional marriage. Liberation is no substitute for fidelity. Political Correctness is no substitute for chivalry. Careers are no substitute for children and grandchildren. (pp. 140-142)



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