I know I haven’t exactly posted regularly in recent weeks, but it might be a while until I can get online.  We’ll be on the West Coast for pretty much the entire month of June.

On the other hand, there are lots of weird things going on in the world, so it can’t be too long until I find something on which to comment.

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Lauren Green: Chastity or Not; or, Love versus Sex

Lauren Green is a “religion correspondent” for Fox News.  (Yeah, religion is nice–as long as it is relegated to its proper religious area.)

She does a pretty good job most of the time.  This column, citing Dawn Eden, is especially good.

We are built for intimate, loving relationships. Our whole being cries out for it. That’s why the sexual drive is so strong. But something so strong needs an equally strong boundary, so that it doesn’t risk getting out of control and being used in ways that are dangerous or damaging. You wouldn’t put a 500-pound lion in a playpen and expect it to be safely contained. It is the same with sex.


Mollie Hemingway, Again

She is on the pulse of the newspapers with regard to ethical qualms about abortion.  In this post, the topic is “selective reduction,” or, what the sane people call “killing the brother(s) or sister(s) of the other children in your womb.”  What a devastating account to read.

Evans plunged the second needle into Emma’s belly. “See the tip?” he said, showing the women where the tip of the needle was visible on the ultrasound screen. Even I could see it: a white spot hovering near the heart. D was moving. Evans started injecting. He went very slowly. “If you inject too fast, you blow the kid off your needle,” he explained.


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A reading from the First Book of Balaam 18:1 (New Revised Substandard Perversion): “And the Talking Donkey must suffer many things, and be handed over to exams and papers and moving boxes…”

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What a Surprise!

In a “shocking” “reversal” of previous policy, the Episcopalian seminary in New York, General Theological Seminary, has accepted former NJ governor James McGreevey (you know, the guy who resigned because he was having a homosexual affair?) into its discernment process to be a priest.  He became Episcopalian this past Sunday.  He was Roman Catholic, but, as the article states, he was “at odds with the church over his support for abortion rights.”  (I’m sure it was his position on abortion rights that kept him from becoming a Catholic priest.)   

What a joke.