From Rev. Paul McCain at Concordia Publishing House:

As many of you are aware, Concordia Publishing House has been working hard at producing and publishing The Lutheran Study Bible. This work began nearly six years ago, and the title of the Bible was announced publicly a long time ago. We learned a year or so ago that the ELCA was producing a Bible and that they decided to call it: “Lutheran Study Bible.” The ELCA Bible is now in print. I encourage you, particularly if you are a pastor, to advise your folks that the ELCA Bible is not The Lutheran Study Bible by CPH. The two Bibles are quite different in content, style and purpose. Most significantly, the ELCA Bible takes a different approach on key doctrinal points than does The Lutheran Study Bible. So, please be aware, and spread the word, that The Lutheran Study Bible is coming, from CPH, in October 2009, and that the ELCA Bible is something quite different. Be sure to point people to The Lutheran Study Bible web site, or its Facebook Group, or Twitter feed. I respectfully request and encourage you to share this blog post on your blog site, e-mails, congregation newsletters, etc.

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