“Why Are They Doing This?”

“I think every woman has noticed them,” said Suzanne “Sam” Joi, a member of Code Pink, a social justice and anti-war group. “I couldn’t believe BART would allow something like this. Why are they doing this?”

“They’re calling for the overturn of Roe vs. Wade, which will lead to the slaughter of women,” said Elizabeth Creely of the Bay Area Coalition for Our Reproductive Rights, referring to fears of unsafe, back-alley abortions if the procedure were illegal. “The Catholic Church is very strong here and is working hard to erode reproductive rights.”

As if BART were the last bastion of legalized abortion in San Francisco. As if people will suddenly appear out of nowhere with large knives and suction devices to kill women–oops, that’s abortion–I mean, as if large, rusty coat-hangers will appear out of nowhere…

Quit your freakin’ whining and fear-mongering. Why does BART have to call the local abortion mill to find out if it wants equal time? Do they call politicians from both parties to make sure everyone’s represented? Belly up and pay to have your own pro-murder signs on trains.

Actually, we could do a study: how many Planned Parenthood/NARAL ads would be vandalized and defaced, compared to the number of these ads that were vandalized or destroyed? Actually, I guarantee you something would happen to them: they would be defaced by pro-murder forces trying to gain sympathy. Christians generally don’t do stupid, childish things like that.

I hope BART doesn’t give in to this typical, heavy-handed pressure. Of course, it could be worse: you could be an unborn baby in New York City.


3 thoughts on ““Why Are They Doing This?”

  1. These people do not acknowledge the concept of good and evil. Specifically, everything is basically good/right, and what religious types consider evil does not exist. {Satan’s ultimate deceipt?}

    Therefore, abortion holds no negative connotations for them. From their point of view, there is nothing wrong or evil with aborting a pre-birth fetus/baby. Death holds no meaning for them other than it signifies the natural end of life.

    The fight here, consequently, is not about abortion. It is about people who do acknowledge good and evil.

    The secular left views the acceptance of good and evil as wrong. As opposed to their view that there is no good or evil, there is just the right of the natural order.

    So when we relgious types try to impose our view of good and evil on their neutral view, they react by fighting what they view as wrong. The only way they can dominate the debate is to change laws and judigial interpretations.

    They don’t necessarily want to rely on laws and judges to enforce their views, it’s just the only way they stand a chance of winning the argument.

    We can make similar comparisons regard other hot topic issues such as; same sex marriage, separation of church and state, teaching creation in public schools, military chaplains praying to a generic deity, etc, etc.

  2. Well, the question is how many people do these “Code Pink” type activists represent? Even in the Bay Area, the number is small.

    Look at it this way…BART supports this expression, the Oakland Archdiocese supports it (and paid for it), on the street interviews of BART riders supported the right to show that opinion (even among pro-choice riders). And BART’s argument was that they couldn’t show any political/expression ads at all if they prohibited this one. And this one is so innocuous, I’ve seen it!

    So, even in the Bay Area, my beloved home, this article sort of makes it out that there’s widespread support to suppress this valid statement of the Oakland Archdiocese. There’s not.

    Frankly, I don’t even know who Code Pink is.

    Anyway, we certainly trend left out here, but we are more level-headed than most radical groups that pretend to represent us.

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