Well, If It’s Not Unconstitutional…

…it must be evil.

New York Assistant Solicitor General Jennifer Grace Miller [perhaps attorney for New York Planned Parenthood? seriously, why three names?] told the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals that the statement “Choose Life” could lead to road rage.

Judge Dennis Jacobs agreed, suggesting that allowing the phrase could open the door to messages from extremist groups.

“If you win, then white supremacist organizations and the Ku Klux Klan can have license plates,” said Judge Jacobs. “There’d be a lot of road rage following that.”

Now, not only is “choosing life” wrong, it’s extremist and equivalent to hate-speech (that’s a hyphenated word that should just go away). Wow, that’s creative. Anti-life activists have long said pro-life activists hate women, now they’ve just come up with another way to say it. But really, what are Ms. Jennifer Grace Miller and Judge Dennis Jacobs saying about those who think abortion is a good thing? Basically that they are unhinged, dangerous lunatics who simply cannot control themselves when they come up behind a car with “Choose Life” on the license plate.

Of course there would be road rage if militant, anti-life, man-hating abortionists see these license plates! I’m not sure how that makes the license plates bad. Maybe those who choose against life should just learn how to be more tolerant of opposing viewpoints.

Or, Judge Jacobs could work at restraining those who would cause such violence (by putting abortionists and NARAL members in jail?) rather than restricting the speech of those who care about all life.