If a Fetus Feels Pain in the Womb, Does Anyone Hear It?

According to researchers at the University of California, San Francisco (a city which has no history whatsoever of Left-wing activity), fetuses (read: codeword when we don’t want to say “babies”) do not feel pain until the seventh month of pregnancy. However, I’m quite sure they didn’t ask the fetu–um, babies.

Seriously, though, is this really a debate? If they anesthetize me before they stick sharp objects in my neck and suck my brain out, I may not feel it, but, I guarantee you, I will care! Sure, if some women are swayed by the fact that their baby might feel pain if they have an abortion, let’s use whatever data we have. But if they can (again, without asking the baby) prove that “fetuses” don’t feel pain by “reviewing studies,” that doesn’t make abortion any less a criminally immoral action.

Somebody should temporarily paralyze some of these researchers, and see if it makes a difference to them when someone comes with the butcher knife.

On a related note, apparently the tactic is “deny, deny, deny.” “There are no alarm bells going off with this rate.” Let ’em die.


2 thoughts on “If a Fetus Feels Pain in the Womb, Does Anyone Hear It?

  1. Brit Hume, on his news show, noted that one of the researchers was formerly with NARAL and another one worked for an abortion clinic. So one might legitimately question the credibility of this “research.”

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