You Thought the NARAL ad was bad…

See this cartoon from Planned Parenthood Golden Gate (via (You can’t get to it directly from their site anymore, although the link is there on the right side. Funny, isn’t it, how every time something like this is brought out into the open–remember “I had an abortion”?–the link disappears, quietly? However, people like Dawn Eden are too quick to let them get away with things like this.)

To see the vileness of such a cartoon, and how hypocritical the Left in this country is, simply ask yourself one question: what if I were to make a cartoon with a “Pro-Life Superhero,” one in which this “superhero” mocked Planned Parenthood employees and then shot big, black Bibles at abortion doctors. When the Bibles hit them, the ground opened up and the doctors went straight into the fiery pits of hell. I’m sure Planned Parenthood would find that hilarious.
In fact, this experiment works on just about any “joke” from the Left. Apply it to their so-called “art” or their so-called “literature” or their so-called “scholars.” Unfortunately, satire does not work well with liberals. Funny, nevertheless.


Where to Begin?

When having a conversation with someone regarding the church’s condemnation of cohabitation or pre-marital sex, what do you start with? Scripture passages on sexual immorality? A general view of marriage and its purposes? Statistics from leading socialogists? An explanation of sin in the life of a Christian?