“Criss Angel: Mindfreak”

I don’t know if any of you have seen this show, but if you like magicians who do things both inexplicable and original, you might like Criss Angel.

I’ve only seen the show once, I think, but what intrigued me was that I thought I recognized the name from somewhere. And, in fact, I had: that ’90s “Christian” industrial band Circle of Dust (see here or here; Amazon.com has it here).

Apparently Criss Angel and the guy who calls himself “Celldweller”–make sure your speakers are turned down if you go to this site!–(a.k.a Klayton) were involved in a project called Angeldust (Criss Angel’s former name?–actually, the former official website of Angeldust [www.worldofillusions.com] links directly to Criss Angel’s site.). It’s all a little complicated with the various aliases. To make a long story short, I still enjoy Argyle Park occasionally (especially the songs with Stavesacre’s Marc Salomon), as well as the long-awaited follow-up AP2.

Just takes me back a bit…ah, industrial music…
I also seem to remember an article in HM Magazine some years ago that discussed Klay Scott (Celldweller) and his rejection of Christian faith or, at least, of the church. Anyone else read HM? [Hey, I found it! See here, especially p. 3ff.]