“The Fool Says In His Heart, ‘There is No Global Warming'”

There is a new dogmatism sweeping the world.  It is the dogmatism of “climate change.”  I am not convinced that it is anything other than the normal ebb and flow of the earth.  However, whether it is real or not is quite irrelevant to its disciples.  As is, for that matter, whether humans are causing it.  The devotees of gaia are certainly convinced that the earth will be destroyed by humans if nothing is done to change our current habits. 

There is a reason why great fervor overtakes Al Gore and his sycophants: they have found their god and they will protect its reputation at all costs.  In the current use of the term, they are fundamentalists for their cause, as much as any backwoods, s’uth’n Bible-thumper.  This means that there is no room for any actual discourse on the merits of their case.  Witness the heretic-burnings that take place in the newspapers and talk shows when anyone dares to question the reigning orthodoxy.  The response is either rage or bemusement, as if viewing a strange, long-lost specimen. 

It is not, you see, so important that climate change is real, as it is that humans wish to be in control.  Because if it is humans that cause the problems, humans can fix them, right?  If only we can just reduce our carbon emissions, or purchase “carbon offsets,” or “go green,” or recycle more, or kill all the cows, or….or….or….  THEN everything will be alright, and we will preserve the earth (whether the human race survives is not all that important to the cause’s more radical martyrs).  Because we are in control. 

And if we are not, what then?  What of all our striving?  What will happen…after? 

That is the question.  If there is no end beyond these means, then the preservation of the earth is  the end.  It is the goal.  And it is idolatry.  Christians preserve the earth because it is God’s, not ours.  We do what we can and we leave the results to God.  We are stewards, not owners.  But that would push us humans out from in front of the control panel–and that the climate-change apostles cannot abide.  Because, as the well-known psalm has it: “The fool says in his/her/its heart, ‘There is no global warming.'”


5 thoughts on ““The Fool Says In His Heart, ‘There is No Global Warming'”

  1. The idea of anthropogenic global warming brings with it incredibly damaging economic and social repercussions – mostly damaging to the developing world at any rate. It certainly is highly debatable from a rhetorical and economical point of view.

    As far as the science goes, if there’s anything science teaches us it’s to avoid absolute truths. Researchers (not just ‘discredited’ researchers as one might have you believe) are coming up with more or less viable models of climate change without having the need to turn to human effects. Most notable is the work done by former editor of New Scientist, Nigel Calder, wherein he draws important links between cosmic ray exposure and climate change.

    And the idea of anthropogenic global warming has, unfortunately, turned into a cult following – a devastating mixture of mob and cargo cult science.

  2. Thanks for your comment. I think your point about absolute truths is on target. There are Christians who will take something that appears to support the Bible or Christianity and immediately latch on to it as if it were set in stone for eternity. They look rather stupid when science changes its mind.

    Interesting blog you have!


  3. The debate over global warming seems to be nothing more than a pissing contest. The fact of the matter is, it seems like neither side of the issue is interested in finding out if it is true or not.
    Liberals claim it is true… conservatives hate liberals… therefore the only answer is the via negativa. Let’s be honest… environmental science as we know it today is found in the more liberal arena. Does that mean it is wrong? Well… I am not really ready to say that.
    I have been listening to Lutherans debate this for a while now. The way these guys are quoting their favorite “Environmental Prophets” I can’t help but think this is some sort of weird sub-religion with 2 denominations. The funniest part is no matter what side they seem to take, the room goes into a dead silence when I start asking them for their credentials.

    While it is true that I have more environmental science in my background than (so far) any parishoner I have asked about this, I seem to be the only one who is not really willing to sever relationships with my brothers over this issue (or “to die on that hill” as it were).
    As you said, Tim, this is not our planet, we are merely it’s stewards. So, the question becomes: “If this really is God’s planet, is it worth looking into the possibility that this “warming” is actually a result of:
    1. Entropy as a result of a fallen and broken world that we know will perish one day.
    2. Entropy as a result of fallen and broken people who behave in a sinful way that causes us to be poor stewards of God’s planet.
    3. Both ”
    If it is #3 (and I believe it is), then there are some things we can do… NOT to halt the tide of entropy, but merely to make this as nice a place as possible as we await the return of Christ.
    If that means that I carpool from time to time or decide against owning a Hummer sobeit.

    I know for a FACT that with every BBQ I host at the parsonage, I am reducing the amount of ozone-killing cows that are wandering the plains of Wyoming and BELCHING their evil methane. 🙂 (I do what I can.)

    I think I need a T-shirt with a picture of a hamburger that reads “Saving the planet… one burger at a time.”

    So anyway… that’s my rant.

    Have a nice day. See you in July I hope.


  4. Ok… if we meet up in Lacey, I can meet you at “Norma’s Burgers”. My treat. We’ll beat this global warming yet.

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