Calling a Thing What It Actually Is

Heidelberg Disputation, Thesis 21: “A theologian of glory calls evil good and good evil. A theologian of the cross calls the things what it actually is.”

I am done with euphemism.  “Gender” does not exist.  It is sex, male or female.  “Gay” and “straight”?  No: homosexual and heterosexual.   “Selective reduction” is the murder of siblings.  “Choice” must always be qualified: the choice to do what?  “Reproductive technology” = how to provide more abortions and keep those religious zealots from restricting it in any way.  “Funding for family planning” is just a nicer way of talking about how to provide abortions for poor people (maybe they’ll just go away!).  “Passed away/gone on to a better place/etc.”  Stop.  It’s death.  Calling it something else will not change what has happened.   

I’d appreciate your translations of common euphemisms.


4 thoughts on “Calling a Thing What It Actually Is

  1. A good activity – some of my favorite ones:

    Progressive Thought = Obsfucated Communism
    Hate Speech = Thought Control
    Investments = Taxes
    Negative Patient Care Outcome = Death
    Family Friendly Policies = Government Mandated Pay for Time Off Work

  2. moderate=liberal (alternately, “wimpy”)
    progressive=more liberal
    liberal=really, really liberal

    listening tour=speaking tour
    exploratory committee=”I am about to run”

    non-denominational=basically baptist
    contemporary worship=crummy boomer worship from the 70’s
    close communion=”close enough” communion

  3. 1. American Ecumenism = Putting man before God
    2. Open Communion = Putting man before God
    3. Most Contemporary Worship = See #1 & #2
    4. See also: UCC, ELCA, PCUSA, ECA, Moravian, etc…
    5. Non-denominational church= Unsure or ashamed of what I believe / teach / confess
    6. EOE = Blatant discrimination


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