Call Day

Finally, after five years (including my STM year), the day has come.  Just a few hours until I receive my call into the Office of the Holy Ministry.

A fitting meditation for today, as well as for all vocations in this world, is Dr. Joel Biermann’s sermon given yesterday in the chapel.  Go here, launch itunesU, and the sermon is number 81.

If you’re interested in watching or hearing the call service tonight at 7, you can find the link for that here.

Please pray for all the candidates from both seminaries (Ft. Wayne had its service last night) as they prepare for the ministry at the places to which God has called them.


6 thoughts on “Call Day

  1. Thank you for not taking any of “my” Parishes in the Northwest. (hyuk hyuk) I am a little sad though. For some reason (deep down) I always believed we would be in the same Northwest Circut..
    Oh well, I’ll quit blubbering.
    Congrats bro!

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