More Idiocy in the U.K.

You may have thought that the Church of England was the Church of England, but you were wrong. It seems that Islam is the new C of E.



Stay Tuned…

A reading from the First Book of Balaam 18:1 (New Revised Substandard Perversion): “And the Talking Donkey must suffer many things, and be handed over to exams and papers and moving boxes…”

I will return…


Call Day

Finally, after five years (including my STM year), the day has come.  Just a few hours until I receive my call into the Office of the Holy Ministry.

A fitting meditation for today, as well as for all vocations in this world, is Dr. Joel Biermann’s sermon given yesterday in the chapel.  Go here, launch itunesU, and the sermon is number 81.

If you’re interested in watching or hearing the call service tonight at 7, you can find the link for that here.

Please pray for all the candidates from both seminaries (Ft. Wayne had its service last night) as they prepare for the ministry at the places to which God has called them.


The Cult of Separation

Daniel P. McGinley writes in the Washington Times,

I know I am supposed to love my neighbor, but the Rev. Barry Lynn sure makes it hard. And so does everyone like him who continuously lies about some impending theocratic-right-wing-Christian takeover of the government. Not a single, legitimate Christian group wants to establish a theocracy in this country — not one. Yet the Reverend and his cohorts continue to cry wolf and the media all too readily provides them a platform. …

During a recent discussion on National Public Radio (the Cult’s official station), Mr. Lynn warned that Christians are trying to “convert [their] theological beliefs into legislative fiats.” That sounds ominous doesn’t it? Hardly. The Reverend’s “warning” is nothing more than his disappointment that Christians actually participate in the democratic processes of this nation.

Furthermore, the Reverend is not warning about the legislative fiat of mandatory church attendance, tithing, forced belief in Jesus as Lord and Savior, or something that is really of a theological nature. He is talking about abortion, the Cult’s most sacred sacrament. Abortion, as everyone knows, was forced upon every community in this country by judicial fiat. But the Reverend does not seem too worried about that type of fiat. …

Mr. Lynn unsurprisingly sees no problem with his Cult being entangled with the government. After all, its charter members, the American Civil Liberties Union and Planned Parenthood, both receive government monies. Of course, they are anti-religious, so that makes it “constitutional.”

I commend to you the entire piece.


Sharing Genitalia? That’s fine. Sharing Gum? Eeewww!!!

The Rockville Pregnancy Center in Maryland has been kicked out of Montgomery County schools after a parent complained that the group was using a “gum game” to illustrate its talks on sexually transmitted diseases and abstinence.  While the Washington Post article doesn’t actually say, I believe this game involves passing a piece of gum around to show, in a minor way, what it’s like to pass STDs. 

Maybe the parent should be more concerned about his or her kids sharing their genitals with other kids.  I think the “sticker game” is also good.  That’s where you pass a sticker around and everyone sticks it to his or her shirt until it doesn’t stick anymore.  There are all sorts of useful illustrations in that.



Today was the last day of the quarter, and I managed to get everything done today so that when my final class was over, the work was done.  This has been probably the hardest quarter of school I’ve ever had, as far as lack of free time goes.  Hard to believe it will be one more quarter and done.  But in light of this past quarter, I reproduce a Latin quotation which seems so apt at the end of every quarter:

Nunc scripsi totum, pro Christo da mihi potum.

[“Now I have written everything, for the sake of Christ give me a drink”]

And, I did.  It was perhaps the best thing I have ever made with my own two hands, and maybe my favorite beer ever: an Imperial IPA that has been sitting in my basement since August.  So smooth, so hoppy, so excellent.  It was a dark, couldn’t-see-through-it beauty.  Thank the Lord for this creature beer.

I first read this in First Things in 2001–as it was in the May issue, it must have come very close to the end of my school year then–in RJN’s “While We’re At It” (to the greatness of which all blogs should aspire!):

A medieval monk, it is said, worked all day on a manuscript, finally writing in the margin, Nunc scripsi totum, pro Christo da mihi potum—I have now written everything, for the sake of Christ give me a drink. That I was told by an author whom I invited over for a drink at the house when he delivered his article. It may be true. At the end of some days it is certainly apt.