“It’s Not Dark Yet, But It’s Getting There”

Well, things pretty much suck all the way around. Politics is politics, however, and Democrats winning the House and (probably) the Senate does not mean the end of the world. But Amendment 2 might. It passed by 51% (the side that spent $30 million) to 49% (the side that spent $3 million), and, remember, constitutional amendments in Missouri require only a simple majority to be enacted, but a 2/3 majority to be taken out. There you have it.

And then there’s this from the Nov. 2006 issue of First Things [Neuhaus, “While We’re At It,” 76] (you may want to hold off on eating until after you’ve read this):

Nobody would want to deny the charms of Barbados, although it is not the Institute for Regenerative Medicine (IRM) that usually comes to mind in that connection. IRM claims that it is making Barbados the “Embryonic Stem Cell Capital of the World.” The insitute imports parts of babies, mainly from Ukraine, who were aborted at six to twelve weeks, liquefies them into a baby puree, and injects the mix into customers, who pay $25,000 per shot. The procedure takes no more than an hour or two, and the website of IRM (www.regenmd.com) includes glowing testimonials of clients who claim relief from everything from arthritis to troubled bowels and poor skin texture. Erectile dysfunction, too. Of course the morally scrupulous may be made uneasy by the procedure, but what’s the point of letting all those human body parts go to waste? The answer to that has never been self-evident to everyone. I note that Webster’s says that the word cannibalism is of Carribean origin.


4 thoughts on ““It’s Not Dark Yet, But It’s Getting There”

  1. Child sacrifice is a old time honored Pagan ritual.

    How is our current practice of sacrificing children for our own personal medical benefit any different?


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