Moving On

Well, we’ve been here for two and a half years–hard to believe!–but it seems that Worldmagblog is moving on without us. This is part of the message that came to me in response to my inquiry about why we were no longer on the main site: “Because WorldMagBlog is a non-profit organization, we have had to rethink some of our policies towards the authors and sub-blogs listed on our site. As such, Balaam’s Ass is one of the many sub-blogs that will be retired from the WORLDMagBlog directory.” So, it’s been fun, but now we need to find a new place for Balaam’s Ass. If you know of a good, free blog-hosting site to which I can transfer BA, please let me know in the comments or by e-mail. Also, I have absolutely no idea about how I can transfer the archives, so if you can give me some advice about that, I would appreciate it. Thanks for reading. We’ll have a new place by December 31, since that’s when we’ll be removed from the World site.

By the way, I’d like to say thanks to Joanna, who invited us to join World in 2004.