8 thoughts on “The Festival of the Reformation?

  1. Hmm… repentance, I don’t see Oct 31 as more special than any other day.

    Celebration, probably, but celebration for what? Maybe we really mean Rememberance? I’m never sure how to go about celebrating Reformation. Maybe a special Thanksgiving Worship perspective is appropriate?

  2. I see it as a tragedy that God brought some good out of. I still pray for the return of the Protestant Prodigal, but I see that he’s done some great things in the Lord’s service while he’s been away.

  3. Don’t know about the “Protestant Prodigal”, but I encourage romanists to become part of the true visible church – the Evangelical Lutheran Church.

    We’ll even save some marshmallows for you.

  4. Reformation Day: It is a time to proclaim the Gospel in it’s purity, just like every other day.
    I have grown weary of the 25-45 minute lectures from the pulpit recounting the history of the Reformation…
    It’s ironic that we would celebrate Christ with a Christ-less sermon about Luther and not Jesus.


  5. Every day is a life of repentance for the Lutheran.

    The 31OCT is a day of repentance and celebration for the Lutheran – so both.

    In particular, I celebrated my 7th year as a Lutheran on 31OCT1999.

    What is the celebration on 10DEC?

    http://terribleswede.b l o g s p o t.com

    (come on, IT guys at world, let blogger post!)

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