It’s an Adiaphoron!

[From Horn+Swoggled]

Adiaphoron: Anthem for American Christianity
(To the tune “A Mighty Fortress”)

One little word is all we need.
That word is “adiaphoron.”
If there’s no clear command to heed,
It is an adiaphoron.
Old rules are awful;
All things are lawful!
It’s all Greek to me,
But in it we are free.
We love to share its meaning.

If it’s not there in black and white,
It is an adiaphoron.
God wants us to assert our rights.
It is an adiaphoron.
An old-fashioned mind
Our hearts cannot bind.
Re: Use of Kazoos–
God’s Law doth not accuse.
We love to hum His praises.

We’re free to sing whatever we want.
It is an adiaphoron.
Perfume in the baptismal font:
It is an adiaphoron.
The old-fashioned ways
Now give way to praise
With rock-and-roll beats:
“Hey God, you’re really neat!
We love to praise you our way.”

The liturgy turns off the lost;
It is an adiaphoron.
We draw them in, whate’er the cost;
It is an adiaphoron.
Even elephants
Might have relevance
To seekers who seek
A Cirque du Christ each week.
We love to entertain them.