Last Comic Making an Unintentional Cultural Comment

So I was watching Last Comic Standing last night and (in my opinion, the funniest guy) Chris Porter, made a profound but likely unintentional comment on the state of our culture. He was making a joke about the birth control patch, and how, if they were for guys, they would have them plastered on their forehead (“four or five of them; look ladies, backup”) so that women would know they were ready for uninhibited sex–sex uninhibited by the fear of children, that is.

He went on to say that for a guy to discover a birth control patch on a woman was like getting a toy for Christmas with batteries included. “You can play with her right out of the box!” To that, women could be heard cheering. Now, I don’t know about you, but that comment and the response to it strikes me as symptomatic of everything that is wrong with our materialistic culture of death. When women no longer retain the capacity to recognize that they are being treated as objects and toys to be played with, the birds of radical feminism (David, is that qualifier okay for you? ha!) have come home to roost. Far from being funny, the joke was a sad commentary on the state in which we find ourselves.

He went on to tell a very funny joke about caskets at Costco (“Costkets”), but the first one is the one that rang unfortunately true.


5 thoughts on “Last Comic Making an Unintentional Cultural Comment

  1. “Birds of radical feminism”

    Tim, you are a poet. ;O)

    Put another way: Sex without the prospect of children and need for committment pretty much ensures that men will take advantage of it on those terms.

    Of course, birth control isn’t 100%, so children really do get born or aborted and if the women chose a man who is irresponsible, then the kid essentially ends up with no dad or a bad dad and the woman is on her own to face this without a responsible man’s income and support. Ultimately, the mom and the kid loses. In the bitterest irony, if the man is a real loser, it’s actually better than he simply disappear.

    By God’s grace, sometimes a hopeless situation turns out okay and the kid grows up with what he needs and the experience turns mom uber-responsible since she alone is left to raise the kid. But I think that’s God’s grace rather than our choices. Our choices usually cause the mess and God fixes it.

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