9 thoughts on “Best Television Show

  1. Locke has always been portrayed as the “man of faith,” and Jack as the “man of science.” The interesting thing about this season is that they’ve introduced Eko, who brings a Christian perspective (although a skewed one) into the show. It turns out Locke is not really a man of faith in God. He’s a man of generic faith. His “faith” is that he wants to believe in something–anything.

    And what we’re seeing this season is just how unstable that kind of faith (in humanity, in spirituality, etc.) really is. Locke’s looked confused for the past few episodes, and I hope the writers are doing that intentionally. We’re seeing an element of doubt introduced into Locke’s “faith,” which wasn’t really a strong or useful faith to begin with. Contrast that with Eko, who seems to take everything with the calm assurance of a man who really does have his faith anchored in God.

  2. David B., great comments. I am also looking forward to see if Charlie will become closer to Eko, now that Locke has turned him away.

  3. I love the show because of its unpredictability (is that a word?) and intensity. You never know who’s going to pop out of the jungle or what they’re going to find. The acting is so good that it almost feels like reality TV. My love for the show isn’t as deep as David’s, but I really like what he had to say too.

  4. I am a big fan of the show, have been since it started. The thing I have enjoyed watching since the first seasons is how each of the characters backstories seem to interact in different ways. (Did anyone notice that this past week the soldier in the truck with Sayid was Kate’s Dad?) I will be interested to see how far these stories develop and if that is part of the reason that they are all on this island.

  5. By the way — if you haven’t checked it out, I highly recommend the Lost podcast at ABC’s website. The first half is usually an interview with a cast member, which I can take or leave. But the second half features the two producers talking about the last episode, the upcoming episode, etc. They’re usually pretty good about giving at least a nugget of information there.

    Last week, for example, they said they try to put a “cross” in the flashbacks often. I’m not sure what they meant by that, and I haven’t been watching for a physical cross — but I’ll be watching from now on. (And by the way, I hadn’t noticed during the show, but learned from the podcast, that Kate’s mother was in the diner when Sawyer was speaking to his partner in crime 2 weeks ago.)

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