Extra Stanzas

It is a travesty that so many hymns in Lutheran hymnals end–against the overwhelming testimony of the Scriptures–with stanzas about dying and going to heaven.  So I’m rewriting them.  No doubt improvements can be made, and if you don’t like mine, no big deal; write your own.  Here’s what I’m going to sing, unless you give me something better in the comments!

Lutheran Service Book (LSB) 524 (“How Sweet the Name of Jesus Sounds”), stanza 7:

And then when I awake in life,
Body and soul unite!
Your good creation put to rights,
And make us whole again.

LSB 563 (“Jesus, Thy Blood and Righteousness”), alternate stanza 5:

When from the dust of death I rise
To greet my Savior in the skies,
Then on new earth my feet will stand,
I will live still from His good hand.

LSB 609 (“Jesus Sinners Doth Receive”), alternate stanza 7:

Jesus sinners doth receive;
Also I have been forgiven;
And when I this life must leave,
I shall find an open heaven.
But my hope is even more:
Jesus bodies doth restore.

LSB 686 (“Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing”), alternate stanza 4:

On that day when freed from sinning,
Lay my body in the grave.
But my soul shall cry out louder:
“Lord, how long?” and “Lord, please save!”
But we will not wait forever;
Christ the Life will hear our prayer!
And He will, our dear Lord Jesus,
Come and bring the Day to us.

LSB 702 (“My Faith Looks Up to Thee”), stanza 5:

My faith looks up to Thee,
In Christ, my life I see
Hidden in Him.
And when that life appears,
I’ll see Him as He is,
And at His Word I will
Be made like Him.

LSB 730 (“What Is the World to Me”), stanza 5:

What is the world to me?
When will it cease its groaning?
It longs in labor pains
For Christ and His revealing.
Until true children see
The world made new and free,
It ever shall be so:
Creation is my home. 

LSB 733 (“O God, Our Help in Ages Past”), alternate stanza 6:

And we, when Jesus calls us forth,
From graves as from our beds,
Will wake and live forevermore
Bright, glorious as our Head.

LSB 761 (“Rock of Ages, Cleft for Me”), stanza 5:

I will rest my soul in Thee
While my body lies in dust;
Even so, my hope is this,
On Your Word my faith insists:
That my bones shall not remain
In the ground but live again.

LSB 763 (“When Peace, like a River”), stanza 5:

Because in that day mine own eyes shall see
Creation restored and renewed.
I’ll see Christ my Lord, and my body like His.
In that day, finally, all is well. 


6 thoughts on “Extra Stanzas

  1. I really like what you’re trying to do here. Regarding “Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing,” do you mean your second line to be an imperative (i.e., “place my body”) or an indicative – in which case “lay” would be past tense, which seems very odd. If the latter, then “lies” would seem more appropriate.

    I also notice that you shift from singular to plural through this alternate stanza. I wonder if holding to the singular pronoun throughout might – with one adjusted noun – improve your rhyme pattern, thus:

    On that day when freed from sinning,
    Lies[?] my body in the grave.
    But my soul shall cry out louder:
    “Lord, how long?” and “Lord, please save!”
    But I shall not wait forever;
    Christ the Life will hear my plea!
    And He will, our dear Lord Jesus,
    Come and bring the Day to me.

    I realize there may be good theological/pastoral reasons for wanting to emphasize the Church general here, and so to keep the plural pronouns. This is merely a suggestion.

  2. Actually, I was thinking in terms of an imperative, which may or may not be the best way to put it. “On that day, when freed from sinning, lay my body in the grave.” Even at that point, God cares for bodies.

    Thanks for pointing out the shift in pronoun. I didn’t even notice! I think I’ll keep the shift from personal to corporate, but yours is great, as well. This is open source hymn writing, as far as I’m concerned, so no copyrights for whomever would like to change and/or use it!

  3. Tim,
    I’m glad to find your blog today. Many good questions, much life-giving theology, and much good news in Christ. Thank you! And thanks so much for this post on hymnody. I’ve been doing this a bit too. Here are a few with the first one from Dr. Jeff Gibbs that he said to distribute as often as we would like:

    LSB 878 (“Abide With Me”), Stanza 7 (Dr. Jeff Gibbs):
    When Lord thou comes again at last to save
    Raise us to life, Lord, bring us from the grave!
    So then with all thy people strong and free
    I shall rejoice for thou abide with me!

    LSB 740 (“I am Jesus’ Little Lamb), Stanza 4:
    The Last Day the Shepherd’s here
    In the clouds He will appear
    Raise the dead and join the living
    Before Christ in all thanksgiving
    Ever glad at heart I am
    I am Jesus’ little lamb!

    LSB 722 (“Lord, Take My Hand and Lead Me”), Stanza 4:
    Lord, when the dawn has broken and You have come
    Mine eyes then now awoken to flesh and bone
    Im-per-ish-a-ble, im-mor-tal, now face to face
    My hand in yours forever, Lord, by your grace

    Let me know if you might have any suggestions to make them true to the Word and reflective of the tenor of the hymn. Thanks again for your writing.

    In Christ our Hope,

  4. This isn’t really an extra stanza as it is rewriting the entire hymn. LW 436 “All Creatures of our God and King” was rightly removed from LSB. But I really love the tune (Lasst uns erfreuen) which we use for 4 hymns in LSB as well. So I tried to rewrite the hymn using the same title but now the theme “creation and new creation”. Here it is below. If it can be of use, please sing it. And if you make any changes that would be helpful or have any questions, please let me know so I can adjust my original as well. Also, if you like, I also have annotated version with all of the Bible references.

    All Creatures of Our God and King

    1. All creatures of our God and King
    Lift up your voice with us and sing
    Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
    To Him who sits upon the throne
    And to the Lamb forevermore

    Oh, praise Him! Oh, praise Him!
    Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

    2. “Let there be light” and there was light
    Light for the day, darkness for night
    Oh, praise him! Light of the world!
    Arise and shine your light has come!
    *The Lamb is the lamp no need for sun! Refrain

    3. Water from water let there be
    Heavens between the clouds and sea
    Oh, praise Him! Fountain of life!
    Washed in the Spirit’s cleansing flood
    Dead to sin, raised a child of God Refrain

    4. Waters together round the earth
    Seed-bearing plants spring forth in mirth
    Oh, praise Him! Abraham’s seed!
    Sower of Word and promise true
    Mountains drip wine and vineyards too Refrain

    5. Let there be sun to light the day
    Moon and the stars in bright array
    Oh, praise Him! Star of Jacob!
    In Christ as many as the stars
    Gathered ‘round Him from lands afar Refrain

    6. Swarms in the seas and in the sky
    All that swim and all birds that fly
    Oh praise Him! Once ascended!
    Coming down New Jerusalem!
    Arrayed a bride fore’er with Him! Refrain

    7. Creeping things, beasts unto their kind
    Man and Woman image divine
    Be fruitful! Multiply!
    The image of the man of dust
    Now of the Man in whom we trust Refrain

    8. His work complete and now is blessed
    Hallowed for all the Father’s rest
    Oh praise Him! Rest for weary!
    Still there remains a Sabbath rest
    In Christ our Saviour we are blessed! Refrain

    9. And you, most hated, wretched death
    Curse of our sin, thief of life’s breath
    It shall not be! Christ is risen!
    You crushed the serpent ‘neath your feet!
    Bruised, yet death now has met defeat! Refrain

    10. God with us Eden now restored
    Body and soul perfect, transformed!
    Earth and heavens recreated!
    No pain, no strife, never again
    Satan destroyed with death and sin!

    Final Refrain:
    Come, Lord Jesus!
    “Surely I am coming soon!”

    *Sing the final line of verse 2 before the refrain with “The” as a short eighth note and “Lamb” as a longer half note. The syllabic emphasis would be “the LAMB…”

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