Seriously, what is our problem?  We just have to explain it, don’t we?  We just have to blame something or someone, don’t we?  We cannot help ourselves.  We blame guns, or video games, or movies, or psychology, or no prayer in schools, and we think ascribing blame will somehow accomplish something?  We think that will help the next time?  We think we can somehow slap some superficial band-aid on a gushing artery, and then we’ll all feel safe again?  How many times does some some “horrible,” “terrible,” “unthinkable,” “worst” “tragedy” have to happen before we’ll realize we can’t fix what’s wrong with people?  A new law won’t do it; more police won’t do it; more counseling won’t do it; school-sponsored religion won’t do it.  Are we really this stupid?  How long will we deny the evil that is in all our hearts?  How long will we pretend we don’t all sing in the black soul choir?  “Well, this was a ‘soulless monster’; I would never do that.”  That’s the kind of denial that perpetuates this garbage.

Really.  If you’re not praying with the Advent Church, “Come quickly, Lord Jesus;” if you’re not looking into your own black heart in repentance; if you’re not praying the peace and mercy of Christ’s resurrection for the families of those who died today, you’re just missing the point.  Dear God, how stupid and ignorant can we be?  Repent, hear the Word of the Savior who absorbed all violence into His own wounds, and pray, “Deliver us from evil.”  Anything else is naive, idiotic, or worse.


5 thoughts on “Really?

  1. I would agree with some of your points; even up to a point with your overall premise. But, if your assessment was valid in its entirety, it would seem to me that the acts of “soulless monsters” would be more or less uniformly distributed around the globe. I tried searching for data on rate of random killings on a country by country basis. Could not find that kind of breakdown, but I did find data on homicide rates by country. The range of variation is remarkable — from 91.6 per 100,000 annually (Honduras) to zero (Monaco and Palau). One cannot divide 91.6 by zero, so I took the lowest number above zero, which is 0.2 (Hong Kong). The Honduran rate then is 458 times that of Hong Kong. So, it seems undeniable to me that national and regional environmental/sociological differences — which would include things like laws, parental upbringing, and cultural factors in general — must play a big part in explaining such a wide variation in the incidence of this particular form of evil.

  2. “Or those 18 who died when the tower of Siloam fell on them. Do you think they were more guilty…unless you repent, you too will all perish.” Luke 13:4,5 Jesus certainly taught the truth of original sin and yet in this case since we are talking about 20 innocent children, this Word is more applicable, “Do not look down on these little ones, For I tell you that their angels in heaven always see the Face of My Father in heaven.” Matthew 18:10

  3. We have convinced ourselves that the best way to defend ourselves is to take away any tool of destruction (or defense) one may acquire. Forgetting that the reasons these tools of destruction (ie: defense) where created is for the purpose of defending defenseless people.

    The case of mass-murders of children simply focuses our attention on a greater problem. Yet we cannot bear to accept the concept of evil without having to deal with the issue of sin. Mostly because we cannot bear to address-accept-repent of our own sin, and in this accept that children can die as unbelievers just like adults can. We then use this pattern of thought to justify all kinds of ills which adults perpetrate on children.

    So, we transfer our sin upon someone else or something else and then attack that something else. Hereby deceiving ourselves in thinking we have actually solved something. In short, we bury our heads in the sand and refuse to look at the real problem. Leaving ourselves and our children even more vulnerable.

    In the case of mass-killings our national rate has gone down over the last 50 years, while our rate of individual killing of both children and adults has gone up. Nobody talks about these facts.

    Nobody talks about the emotional causes or insanity of the perpetrators because this focuses the onus of responsibility back on our own propensity for humankind to do evil… and to sin… and to reject repentance. Much easier to ignore all that by finding something inanimate to blame, and in this case we blame the very tools our fore-fathers wisely created for us to use in our defense. The tools of destruction/defense aren’t the issue, though, because the problem is that God has been removed from the equation.

    We can not bear to consider that even babies and children are born into sin, thereby disavowing the core importance of Jesus being born sinless. Adam and Eve were not born into sin, well, not born, but rather created sinless. Jesus as God Incarnate was born sinless. Jesus was tempted to sin just as Adam and Eve were tempted, but Jesus did not fall as did Adam and Eve.

    Point is only one person has ever died sinless, and it is God’s own death and resurrection which gives Satan what he wanted, which was to kill God. But in this act God was not usurped by Satan but he could not and was instead handed his final defeat at God’s own resurrected hand.

    Anyway, back to my point …

    Tragically, how many of today’s denominations teach the innocence of children and of mankind in direct contradiction to Jesus’ teaching?

  4. The very thing we are given for our defense against evil, Jesus’ Gospel, we reject and reformulate to accommodate our own individual fears.

    So why are we surprised when our reactions to any given evil such as mass-murders follow this same pattern of thought?

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