Words, Words, Words

Do you ever get the feeling that people think they can use words however they want?  I fully understand the plasticity of words: they change; languages are not static, etc.  But in order for meanings of words to shift, they have to actually mean something in the first place.  Otherwise, it’s not a shift, but a bare, neological assertion, and who’s to say that one meaning should be privileged over another?

Take this, for example.

Can we have the term “pro-life” back, if everyone else is just going to misuse it?

I’m pro-life because I value all human life. I value the lives of every person living in my country. I value the lives of children living in poverty, and victims of AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria in the Third World. I value the lives of criminals on death row, homeless living in the streets, and soldiers serving our country abroad.

I also value the nascent human life of the unborn.

In this case, it’s not an assertion that “pro-life” means nothing, but that it means everything.  The author’s title is “I’m pro-life and I support Planned Parenthood.”  Which apparently is supposed to follow from his claims about contraception.  He seems to believe, along with many (most?) Americans that Planned Parenthood [sic] is basically a “women’s health” organization that mostly educates and distributes contraception to poor women who couldn’t otherwise get such “basic health care.”  Sure, it does a few abortions, but that’s a necessary evil, considering all the “good” they do.  (It would take hours to detail how wrong that is.  But if you’re interested, you might visit here.)  Even if he did buy this line of reasoning–that contraception and sex ed. are unqualified goods, and that PP does everyone a service by providing them–he could still support contraception and even sex ed., and still not support Planned Parenthood.  But PP has done a great job of convincing nearly everyone that it alone can make sure that every woman has a “right to choose.”  Only PP can give out contraception.  Only PP can educate your children (if I ever hear that PP is involved in “educating” my children, my house will be turned into a home-school so fast…).  Why, then, does PP support no restriction–not a single one–on abortion?  You want to make abortion rare?  The last organization that would have an interest in doing that would be one that makes millions of dollars from abortion.  And, whose abortion numbers have increased by over 67,000 in the last five years.  And, who does 340 abortions for every one adoption referral.  Yeah, I’m sure they want to see those numbers go way, way down.

But back to the Salon piece.  Sorry, but if you put “nascent” in front of “human life of the unborn,” I automatically do not trust you.  There is nothing “nascent” about unborn human life.  It is fully human life, and there is simply no disagreement on this point.  It never was, is not, and never will be anything but human life.  It’s legal to kill it, and you can pretend that it doesn’t matter because it’s small, or because it’s still inside the mother’s womb, but don’t be an idiot.

So why aren’t I trying to defund Planned Parenthood, calling abortion doctors “murderers,” and petitioning the federal government to overturn Roe vs. Wade?

For that matter, why haven’t I emptied my bank account – and demanded that the government do the same – to send meals and vaccines to every person on the planet? Why don’t I spring for motel rooms for every homeless person I meet, unlock the cells in every prison, and demand our country surrender every war?

These would be ridiculous actions because they completely miss the point. They substitute ideologies for solutions, and favor short-term irrational emotion rather than long-term pragmatic decisions.

Sound familiar?

Huh?  All you have to do is apply these “arguments” to Nazi Germany, and you’ll see how stupid they are.  I can’t even count the non sequiturs in that excerpt.  There may be some pro-lifers who want all or nothing: illegal to have an abortion, or nothing at all.  I’ve never personally met any.  I am fully in favor of abolishing human abortion but that doesn’t mean that I’m not for “long-term pragmatic decisions.”  I want waiting periods; I want declarations that extend human rights to babies from conception; I want full information given to women considering abortion; I want sonograms.  What are those?  “Short-term irrational emotion”?  Hardly.  But if you can consider abortion with open eyes and you never have a little “short-term irrational [or rational] emotion,” you are not pro-life, you are a heartless ba…well, let’s just leave it there.

But how, again, does homelessness = prisoners = war = abortion?  Besides, that’s not the problem at all.  It is not the case that no one cares for or helps or gives to put an end to homelessness, hunger, crime, and war.  But there are those who think that abortion is not only not a problem, but a good–and a necessary one at that.  When was the last time you saw Planned Parenthood fighting for more homelessness, more hunger, more crime, more war?  Ah, but they do and will fight–tooth, claw, and legislative action–for more abortion.  Planned Parenthood will happily use Mr. Saveland’s piece to promote themselves; but they do not want fewer abortions, and they certainly do not want abortion numbers to plummet. They would go out of business.

That seems like a very pragmatic solution to the evil of abortion.  But Saveland doesn’t want to defund Planned Parenthood because he’s bought their ideology.  This is a very common problem, as illustrated by the Komen fiasco: those who support Planned Parenthood are not driven by ideology or politics, but those who oppose them are ideological zealots and political wing-nuts.  That could be true only if all you’ve done is listen to Cecile Richards, and never actually looked at Planned Parenthood’s website and their policies.

He closes with a one-liner he was clearly longing to use:

If the only thing that matters is righteous ideology without concern for results, then we want the term “pro-life” back. You’re using it wrong.

I’m not particularly interested in defending the term, but, if it means anything, “pro-life” must mean not supporting Planned Parenthood.  If there’s any group with “a righteous ideology without concern for results,” it’s Planned Parenthood.  Their zealotry on behalf of the unlimited abortion license knows no bounds.  And if you try to convince me that supporting Planned Parenthood and not wanting to end abortion on demand makes you pro-life, I simply cannot believe you.  If you think abortion in the United States is simply a “problem” to be “lessened,” you are ignorant of the facts, or you simply don’t want to face what legal abortion has meant for my generation–both in terms of lives taken and the moral, emotional, physical, and psychological toll it has taken on so many mothers and fathers.

I simply do not want Planned Parenthood’s foxes guarding the hen-house of “women’s health care.”  Call it what you want, but if that’s using “pro-life” “wrong,” I don’t want to be right.


2 thoughts on “Words, Words, Words

  1. Here’s my take:

    Planned Parenthood, a.k.a. the billion dollar government sanctioned Corporation brainchild of elite eugenicists (not much unlike Adolph Hitler) feeds off the public trough of tax monies extracted from us by force, uses large amounts of that money to influence and control those in government to keep its evil racket going (in classic marxist-fascistic style they are as ruthless and linked to the government as IG Farben was to the NAZI regime), is dedicated to depopulation of undesirable races (according to Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg), to the sexualization of children, to the cheapening of God’s gift of appropriate sex and marriage by equating every perversion’s legitimacy with equal standing to what God designed, and worst, to finally murdering the babies produced when it’s plans of cheap, loose sex are followed and result in undesired pregnancies. As it does all this, I propose that we consider that it is an engine of destruction purposely being used to destroy the moral foundations of civilization.

    Cheap, loose sex, homosexuality, sexualization of the young by pedophilia and prostitution are all central components of the demonic babylon mystery religion, the 6000 year old luciferian system of anti-Christ. It is a component of the occult and new age religions; Aleister Crowley’s OTO, satanists, the illuminati and virtually every other satanic cult are also centered on perverted sex rituals, homosexuality and orgies.

    You may remember that the sexualization of America in modern times was accomplished by a sexual predator sociopath named Kinsey who masqueraded as a scientist but falsified studies and manipulated reports to promote the occultic goal of indulgent sexualization of society. This pedophiles work has since been exposed as a fraud. To quote an article of mine:

    “In addition to their eugenic social engineering efforts, the marxist goal has been to de-moralize all Americans. Falsified sex studies by a fraudulent pedophile named Kinsey were sold as justification to destroy American sexual morality. America’s young have been given comprehensive sex educations and indoctrinated into rebellion against all traditional values by their brainwashed leftist marxist professors and teachers. Sexual exploration has been encouraged by every source bombarding a human being in America today.

    These marxists are now executing the next phase of their assault in this area, the sexualization of very young children and encouragement to question their innocent little gender identities. You see, marxists and the elite love pedophilia, it’s the next self-destructive suicidal step in the sexual revolution. They also hate innocence, so the young are indoctrinated into abomination early on.

    And as America was seduced to descend into sewage and engage in every type of sexual indulgence, Planned Parenthood was there every step of the way to take care of all the pesky unwanted pregnancies. Abortions are now paid for, encouraged and protected by our big fat government. It’s a billion dollar a year business now, killing our unborn future Citizenry, America’s work force and hope for tomorrow. Mountains of abortion money grease the paws of politicians and keep the game going while America’s future is being killed.”

    Yet, there is another unseen component to this diabolical program, and that is that Planned Parenthood is directly assaulting the fundamental foundation of modern society in keeping with the doctrine of cultural marxism (What did Karl Marx say?). It is assaulting Chastity, Temperance, Prudence and Fortitude and Charity. And when a baby is killed by abortion as a result of these previous violations of the Cardinal And Theological Virtues, Justice is offended by one of the greatest violations possible.

    Planned Parenthood is purposely and insidiously attacking the moral foundations of human civilization (The Cardinal and Theological Virtues) and promoting the same demoralization and debauchery as cultural marxists (research Gyorgy Lukacs) in order to seize control of society by political change, i.e.. marxist socialism and fascism. Is this link between marxists and eugenicists coincidence? Not at all, for practically every marxist regime has slaughtered those it believed inferior. In addition, Planned Parenthood is sacrificing tens of millions of helpless human babies in a spiritual offering to the demonic god of the new world order of the marxist elites.

    As much as American Civics, the Constitution and accurate American History are PURPOSELY not taught to the young any longer in America, that they as Citizens NOT know their rights or responsibilities; children are neither taught the Cardinal and Theological Virtues, that they NOT learn to judge their actions by the moral law, or the Law of Human Nature as it was called.

    Really now, could we realistically expect there to be any morality or scruples among those that murder babies and rip them apart in their mothers wombs? Or those that allow this to be done to their own babies?

    The first step in defeating any enemy is to come to grips with what you are facing and what tactics are being employed. A proper assessment must be made of the enemy and his strategy.

  2. As you mention, any attempt to link PP with the term “pro-life” is laughable — not only because of the abortions, but because pretty much their whole schtick is “controlling” births, by which they mean “not having births”. If it comes to killing a human in the womb, for them this is fine. But the rest of the time they go around trying to prevent any life from forming in the womb through sex ed and contraceptives. How this could in any way be misconstrued as “pro-life” is beyond comprehension. Oy.

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