How Many Will There Be?

Here’s one (along with part 2).  Here’s a congregation [I realize that this was four years ago].  I’ve also seen at least a couple on the ALPB discussion boards.  Here’s a website for those considering leaving.  And here’s WordAlone’s advice.  I wonder if anyone’s keeping track…


4 thoughts on “How Many Will There Be?

  1. Well, the vote on the sexuality statement is today and that needs a 2/3 vote, which I don’t think it has. Without the sexuality statement, I don’t think the ministry recommendations have a leg to stand on. I could be wrong though.

    • Isn’t it strange that a study/teaching document requires 2/3, but changing who can be ordained only takes 50% + 1? I’d be willing to bet a lot that even if the study doesn’t pass (it will be close), the recommendations will, on the basis of the simple majority. They almost certainly have that simple majority.

      • Someone did point out that we require a 2/3 vote to call a pastor, so why wouldn’t we require the same for changes made to the ministry policies. It makes sense to me.

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