The Death Knell of the ELCA

I suggest that this means the effective end of the ELCA.  The proposals from the Sexuality Task Force now only need to have a simple majority to pass.  According to some of the speakers, women’s ordination was passed by a simple majority as well.  Unless God intervenes by His grace, these proposals will be passed.  The ELCA will then join the Episcopal Church in its further apostasy.

But who is surprised?  It’s like Jenga: you can remove one or two or even a few blocks, but eventually the weight cannot be sustained.  The only thing that remains unresolved is, what will pastors and members of ELCA congregations who oppose the recommendations now do?


10 thoughts on “The Death Knell of the ELCA

  1. I would imagine some would move to another Lutheran body (LC-MS, LCMC, or ELCM), there might even be another Lutheran body that is formed.

    I will wait until Friday’s vote before making any decision.

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