On Venting and Speaking Polemically

Okay, okay.  So people don’t like what I say or the way I say it.  Specifically, with regard to David Bazan.  (How many times do I have to say that I like his music, have nearly everything he’s put out, and have not stopped listening to him since he said the word ‘fuck’?)  I rarely have comments on anything; but dare to say something negative about someone’s idol, and watch the comments roll in.

I write things as strongly as I feel I can.  That’s a problem sometimes.  But it means that when people read what I write, they think they’ve got me figured out.  For what it’s worth, I’m not a Fundamentalist; I’m not a legalist; I’m not a Pharisee (most of the time); and I’m not part of the Christian, commercialistic ghetto (really, Stephy, I think this blog is funny.  Do those shirts that change secular slogans to Christian clichés bother anyone else?).

I can be brought to my knees by the slicing accusation of the Law, and perhaps that was necessary with some of the things I said about Bazan, or at least the way they were perceived.  I was really only trying to say two things: no one can be objective (ever) and parents have a God-given responsibility to their children.  That’s it.  If I obscured my points with polemic, I apologize.  If I misread Bazan, I apologize.  It was a printed interview, and as blogs and e-mails prove, these mediums cannot be used without misunderstanding and misinterpretation.

I started blogging because things pissed me off.  And my wife didn’t want to hear it.  So here it is, for anyone to read.  But I try to justify my polemic with reason and argument (that word has a positive connotation for me).  That’s where the discussion should be, not on who can think of the most creative (or uncreative) names to call someone.

So, for what it’s worth, maybe don’t assume you know someone from a few words on a computer screen; and I’ll try to do the same.



2 thoughts on “On Venting and Speaking Polemically

  1. “I can be brought to me knees by the slicing accusation of the Law”

    I think that is DB’s enduring contribution, and maybe it was his exit door to the Faith.

    I remember an early news story on PTL, and how the unbelieving journalist said Bazan is very good at reminding us how we’re all bad people.

    The song “Options” is the most ripping, convicting condemnation of my own self-worshiping heart I’ve ever heard.

    I think that DB was engaging in “presuppositional apologetics,” ala Francis Schaeffer, in an attempt to show sinners their need of the Savior. Sadly, he either despaired of knowing the Savior, or came to peaceful terms with sin.

    Your piece on DB’s apostasy was what reeled me into your blog. I think it was right, honest, and fair. And your reflections on what it must mean for his family are natural and right. You responded well to the comments that followed. Most of the rage was from trolls and flamers. Can’t be helped, really ought to be ridiculed.

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