Yeah, About That…

You know that whole command of God thing?  That’s really not working for me.

Abstinence (“chastity” would be a better word) is only unrealistic for those who don’t practice it.

The teen said she wanted to tell her story so that other young people might think twice about having sex.

“I’d love to [be] an advocate to prevent teen pregnancy because it’s not, like, a situation that you would want to strive for, I guess,” Bristol said.

You don’t want to be too hard on a teenager, but isn’t, like, “like,” out of fashion yet?  How does she plan to be an advocate to prevent teen pregnancy if she doesn’t think abstinence is realistic?  Because, really, who wants to, like, wear a condom?



3 thoughts on “Yeah, About That…

  1. Yeah, I was saddened to see that too. The thing is, there are many who would like to say that the modern world is just a different place in regard to this issue. But no. Look at how many times sexual immorality is mentioned in the NT (or the OT, for that matter). Paul mentions it in many of his letters. So does Peter. So does Jesus. So does _____.

    The modern world hasn’t entered a new age in regard to the availability of, or attitudes toward sex. It’s always been a big hit. Sure, the internet can bring porn right to the house. But back in Roman times they had actual brothels down the street. They had cultic prostitution. They had public baths. There wasn’t really a cultural stigma against having a mistress or prostitute or even homosexual affair.

    I’m sure it was at least as “unrealistic” for Paul to be telling his hearers to be chaste. Probably more so.

  2. Nothing more Christian and then judging and mocking someone, let alone a teenager whose life is in the spotlight, who maybe, because of abstinence only education, peer pressure etc. found herself pregnant. Pregnancy is not a sign of moral failure on her part. Try a little empathy before you let loose on everyone that isn’t YOU.

  3. Florence, perhaps you should take some sex ed. yourself. People don’t “find themselves pregnant” because of either peer pressure or abstinence only education (as if that exists anywhere but in the fevered imaginations of left-wing fear-mongers). Sex is always the cause of pregnancy, unless science plays God. Self-control is necessary, and Ms. Palin should learn that before she decides to try and “help” other teenagers.

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