…for those Christians who believe that God used natural selection/evolution to do His work of creation: how do you envision the new heavens and the new earth?  Will the new creation also be subject to an evolutionary process?  What exactly is Jesus the first-fruits of?


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  1. And wouldn’t that necessarily mean that evolution must have stopped when human beings first appeared? And, if evolution stopped, what (or who) stopped it?

  2. What are these “new heavens and the new earth” of which you speak? And “first-fruits”? I’ve never heard these terms. I’m just curious.

  3. According to Christian belief, when Jesus returns, He will remake this earth as He originally intended it to be; hence, a new (or renewed) heavens and earth.

    In the Scriptures, Jesus is called the “first-fruits” of those who have risen from the dead. In other words, those who trust Him will also rise from the dead.


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