The Cart or the Horse?

In response to the previous post, one person suggested that even if he puts the cart before the horse, as I said, I don’t believe in the cart.  The “cart” is the issue du jour and the “horse” is abortion.  In other words, I’m only interested in the legality of abortion, and I don’t care about what would happen to the millions of children who would now be in the world if it were not for abortion.  If that’s not a disturbingly macabre argument, I don’t know what is.

It’s almost as if abortion is a blessing in disguise, because, well, we really couldn’t deal with all those “extra” people.

The whole problem with talking about health insurance, or torture, or immigration, or whatever other smoke screen a person can throw up to hide the horror of abortuaries all over this country, is that it relies on a false premise: that abortion is roughly equivalent to the problems in those other areas.  I contend that it is not.  The murder of children in their mothers’ wombs is so far beyond anything else that the Left (especially Left-leaning Christians) calls a “moral” issue that the discussion quickly becomes ludicrous.  That is why the issue at hand is constantly changing, and why someone who is supposedly against abortion has so much trouble actually saying that it is wrong and that it needs to be illegal, and damn the consequences.  I don’t care if Nancy Pelosi thinks that contraception and abortion will help the economy.  I don’t care if the lack of abortion would cause overpopulation and crowding (which is false; but aren’t cities crowded by definition?).  If someone came to me and said, either adopt my child or I will have an abortion, there’s no question in my mind what I would do, whether I could “afford” to take care of another child or not.  How can we not afford to?

The whole current preoccupation of far too many Christians is to level off the moral playing field and make every issue where 100 anecdotal people “suffer” (that is in quotation marks because suffering is always relative, and relative to abortion, the point is void) a moral issue that demands our immediate attention.  Sorry, but no.  Enough people are complaining about health care, and it will be taken care of, sooner or later.  Enough people are talking about immigration, and the U.S. will eventually untangle its policy.  The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan will end (probably prematurely).  But the slaughter of our brothers and sisters, sons, daughters, nieces, nephews, and neighbors continues unabated, and those who voted for Pres. Obama are complicit in their deaths.

It’s not just another issue, and it’s not comparable to anything else.  Those who say otherwise have numbed themselves to the reality of what’s going on.  They have to answer for their positions and I have to answer for mine.  Perhaps they will be able to stand before their ultimate Judge and claim that they supported the continuation of legalized murder because they couldn’t stand to see one more person have high medical bills, but I can’t.


2 thoughts on “The Cart or the Horse?

  1. It’s complicated for people frame their worldview in liberalism when you keep bringing up such “buzz kill” topics like that.

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