The Older I Get…

…the more I dislike christmas. I don’t mean Christmas itself–Advent longing, candle-lit Eves, and dark and starry holiness still take me back to a childhood when there was at least a semblance of hope, and joy, and peace. (Nostalgia never works for long, I know.) But I am more and more simply annoyed with the sort of shabbiness of it all: the stupid christmas muzak piped in to every mall and grocery store; the false and plastic smiles and greetings from clerks as they take your money; the simple emptiness of claiming that this or that is the “reason” for the season–family, love, or whatever other banal substitution for Christ we can make.  (By the way, isn’t it great that Planned (Obsolescence of) Parenthood now offers gift certificates?  As National Review put it: what an excellent way to celebrate the unplanned birth of Christ!)

It tires me out, and being a pastor can make it worse, since I have no time to soak up the preaching and the gifts of Christ. I need to learn to appreciate the time of meditation spent learning my sermons, but that will come slowly. In the meantime, I’ve got forced-cheery “tradition” attempting to take substance’s place, and it begins to wear after a while.

On the other hand, God the Son was still born, still lived, still died, and is still alive in the flesh (literally), and He still gives His own Body and Blood to replace my tired body and blood. I, too, will be raised from the dead one day. Then, whatever hints of holiness are scattered throughout our bastardization of the holy-days will find even their fulfillment. Come quickly, Lord Jesus!



One thought on “The Older I Get…

  1. Wow … you are serious!? I too am somewhat despondent about Christmas. But, you know, just yesterday I remembered that the word Christmas means Christ celebration. And that’s good news. The problem is that we all go goo goo ga ga about a helpless baby Jesus who, poor thing, had to be born in a barn because his society had no room for Him. Well, that’s His life story … but you know what? It was all by design and God knew what He was doing. As long as we focus on a helpless (and don’t we feel bad about that?) baby there is no victorious Savior, and that’s why unbelievers and believers alike have a problem with Christmas and it’s now become the holidays. We believers need to make a much bigger deal out of our Savior’s success, His life, death and resurrection, instead of singing ‘No Crying He Made’ silly songs.

    When we get real about Jesus of Nazareth and start accepting the work of the Holy Spirit on earth and in our lives, and start acting like the disciple Peter who said to a lame man who asked him for money, ” Silver or gold I do not have, but what I have I give you,” then we will prove to a needy world that God is no longer angry with us but is pleased to save us, then the unbelievers also will start to believe in that victorious Jesus.

    I hope that helps a little. God bless and keep you …

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