Yeah, That Probably Won’t Get Used Much

From CNN:

CNN projected that voters in Washington approved a citizen initiative allowing adults with six months or less to live to request lethal medication prescribed by a physician. A physician is not required to comply, and anyone participating “in good faith” with the request would not risk criminal prosecution.

If you’ve only got six months, why would you want to get it over with now?  Yeah, spending six more months with your family is probably a bad idea.  Or maybe you don’t have a family, and then you’re basically worthless anyway.  I wonder how many people will kill themselves and have autopsies done showing the doctor was wrong?  Who defines “good faith”?  Oh, and: how can anyone be sure six months is all that’s left?

Questions abound.



One thought on “Yeah, That Probably Won’t Get Used Much

  1. I routinely visited a wonderful woman in the hospital who had many complications from her cancer. In a conversation we talked about her many year struggle with cancer. She was told by doctors that she had x months left to live. Her response was to have them look at the milk carton (or some other food product on her tray). She said, “this has an expiration date, people do not.” The doctor apologized and took what she said to heart, and now that is the sentiment of the entire oncology ward at this particular hospital.

    Unfortunately, I fear in our dehumanizing some groups of people, we have dehumanized all people. We give people expiration dates, call them vegetables, and find our identity in our actions (be they morally illicit or legit). Frankly, when a society has collectively lost the concept of their own humanity, I fear this will be just the beginning.

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