Some Random Post-Election Thoughts…

…and then I’m done (at least until our President-elect signs his promised multiple pieces of anti-life legislation).

1. Do you think that this will finally stop the Left from whining about Pres. Bush?

2. We all know that this election was about change.  Did anyone bother to ask what the change might be?

3. We all know we’ve got a steep climb and we’re going to get there.  Did anyone bother to ask where “there” is?

4. I can’t wait to see what more government and more spending looks like.

5. Do you think Pres. Obama will get the credit for the low gas prices?

6. How many different attempts have you heard by pro-life people to justify their Obama votes?

7. Is it really better to make sure live people have health care than to make sure people live?

8. Progress requires actually knowing where you’re going.  Do we?

9. I wonder if the people who are glad we made history in the U.S., and who are telling those who did not vote for Obama to just “let him govern,” would have said the same thing if history was made by having the first female Vice-President.

10. Will Pres. Obama listen to the voices of Democrats for Life?

11. You’re not happy?  You racist, intolerant, right-wing, fanatical bigot!

12. How much of our money will Al Franken waste proving he was not elected?

13. Pray for our President, Congress, and an end to the culture of death (why do I feel so queasy putting those three together?).

The end.


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