3 thoughts on “They Don’t Even Vote For Our President!

  1. It makes perfect sense, because they are globalists. We’re in the middle of a huge sellout, where America is being sold, literally and figuratively, like a harlot to the rest of the world.

    Our congressman voted against the bailout/sellout. US banks can buy bad foreign debts and sell them back to our treasury. Our congressman says that provisions in the bailout/sellout bill to prevent that were struck down. One of our senators was one of a group that wrote a law to protect Credit Swap Derivatives from all gambling regulations in 2000, which greased the wheels for what is going on today.

  2. Here’s what I just posted on that website’s comment board:

    If the guy who shot Mr. Egwuatu was a racist, why would wearing an Obama shirt matter, since Mr. Egwuata is black himself? It seems like the issue of the Obama shirt is being overblown.

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