Barack + Biden = McCain Victory

That’s how I see it. My real question is, did Obama forget this Biden comment: “I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy. I mean, that’s a storybook, man.”  No latent racism there…



8 thoughts on “Barack + Biden = McCain Victory

  1. I think that no matter who wins, the Congressional elections in 2010 will go to the opposite party (with a substantial majority)… so I guess when considering the outcome of 2008, one has to think about long-term versus short-term goals and victories… I think a Republican loss in the 2008 Presidential election is better for the Party in the long run, assuming that they can garner a majority of Congressional seats in 2010 (and I think the reverse is true for the Democratic Party as well).

    As for being better for the country, I also think a Republican loss in 2008 is more desirable… McCain does not represent conservative Republicanism, his win will solidify the big-government movement within the Republican Party, and all future Presidents will either be big-government Democrats or big-government Republicans… conservatism will no longer be an option.


  2. It may be that it would be better in the long run for McCain to lose–but I can’t help thinking about the SCOTUS justices who will be nominated in the next few years, and it will most certainly not be better if Obama nominates them.

    If, however, the Congressional elections might go to the opposite party, as you predict, it is not so far out of the realm of possibility that if a big-government Republican is elected president, the next president may successfully run against that style of governing.


  3. I am not convinced a McCain presidency kills conservatism. Bush has not been a conservative president and the conservative movement is not dead in the Republican party yet. Arguably, McCain is more conservative than Bush on some issues (Government waste).

    I do think the nation suffers significantly if Obama is elected. Many people are saying Obama will be nothing but a Jimmy Carter who will usher in a Reagan era. The problem is that we are still suffering from Jimmy Carter’s presidency. Carter established the Department of Energy which has spent lots of taxpayer money with few tangible results for those taxpayers. Carter administration policies played an important role in Mugabe coming to power in Zimbabwe and the Iranian revolution only occurred after Carter withdrew support for the Shah. Obama could do a lot of damage in four years.

    What is needed is someone who can properly articulate the conservative message like Reagan did. That is all we need to bring conservatives into power because I think America is fundamentally a conservative nation. Even the Democrats come out in favor American ideals and don’t mention raising taxes in their speeches.

    If Obama had nominated Hillary for VP, I think McCain would have lost. Biden was definitely a poor choice.

  4. Should be interesting! A female, pro-life vice-president! So funny that the Democrats are hitting her for “lack of experience,” because she’d be a heartbeat away from the presidency! Yeah, but having someone without experience as the President, that’s a different story. Stupid.


  5. Actually, as governor of a major energy-producing state, Palin, is the only one on either ticket with executive office experience, including dealing with other countries, e.g., a recent pipeline deal with Canada.

    Palin is intelligent and has demonstrated leadership capabilities. She can think on her feet, and doesn’t turn into a stuttering buffoon when no teleprompter is around.

    The VP debate will be fun to watch; Palin will gut Biden like a fish.

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