Thrivent and Syncretism K-I-S-S-I-N-G…

I am shocked by very little anymore. (That’s not necessarily a good thing.) If you are a Thrivent member, you probably get the Thrivent magazine called, creatively, Thrivent Magazine. In the most recent one, they give “A Portrait of Community” and highlight Peace Lutheran Church in Danville, California.

According to the Thrivent feature,

“We wanted something that would both capture a sense of the history of our congregation—its priorities and values over the years—and something that would convey the spirit we’re being led to in the future,” says the Rev. Steve Harms, Peace Lutheran’s senior pastor.

That “something that would convey the spirit we’re being led to in the future” (a nearly nonsensical sentence, logically and grammatically) would seem to be a nicely universal “faith community.” No wonder they have multiple Buddhist symbols. It’s a “spirit” the Buddhists could love. (Muslims, I’m not so sure. Can they handle their symbol being in a single mosaic with so many infidels?) Beyond the idiotic interchangeable “Mandalas” of each faith in the faith community, this mosaic loves its contradictions. A symbol of the Trinity peacefully coexisting with unitarian and non-theistic religious symbols, anyone? Gotta love it when Christians “lead the way” in ecumenical endeavors.

If this were Old Testament Israel, I would suggest that this high place of idolatry be burned to the ground and replaced with an altar to the true God.

You can read more about the “Peace Journey” (I mean “peacejourney”) here. Don’t throw up in your mouth.



3 thoughts on “Thrivent and Syncretism K-I-S-S-I-N-G…

  1. I e-mailed them and suggested (after pointing out a few things) that those behind the idea of this “art” be fitted for a “great millstone” as described in Matthew 18:6.

  2. Also, doesn’t the bible give us a simple guide to use in order to test the spirits? Perhaps they should use it in regard to the spirit they are “being led to in the future.”

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