Get Fuzzy on Politics

Satchel says to Bucky, “Reading your little Republican magazine, huh?  Ha ha!”

Bucky replies, “Hey, I’m understanding my Democrat enemies.  You don’t know anything about us.”

Bucky: “Take stem cell research.  Do you even know why we Republicans oppose that?”

Satchel: “Well, I assume it’s some moral–”

Bucky: “I’ll tell ya why: Because we’re afraid that if it were legal, all you Democrats would be trying to grow little spines in lab dishes.”

Satchel: Oh, well now that…Wow.  I’m really going to have to register my disapproval with that remark.”

Then there’s this, which fits in well with our previous discussions of politics here:

Bucky: “So, Mac, you’ve been listening to all this American election stuff for a while.  What’s the Manc take on it all?”

Mac Manc MacManus: “Cor…Well, I’m right kippered on the skrikin’ an’ scally deeds an’ that.  The chinnies are bang out of order, innit?  Swear down, man, knock it on the ‘ead and that.”

Mac: *sniff*

Satchel: “Well, that makes as much sense as anything else I’ve heard.

Bucky: “Yup.”

Mac: “Cheers.”