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A friend sent me an e-mail a while back proposing this: “I will be in Illinois, which is a solid blue state. A friend says, due to IL being blue, he’s going to vote for [Ron] Paul in November–but if he were in an actual competitive state, he’d go for McCain.” That’s an intriguing scenario. The idea is, if you are in a state that is never in a hundred years going to go for a Republican, you vote your ideals. If the state is up for grabs, you vote against the Democrat (in this case; I suppose if you can reconcile your conscience to the Democratic platform–yeah, yeah, I know some of you can’t reconcile your conscience to the Republican one either–you might do a similar thing on the other side in November). Or there’s this (NOTE: possibly offensive semi-censored language; thanks to Scott for the link).

I think this, from CT, is a pretty balanced guide for voters, and not only Christian voters.


11 thoughts on “More on Presidential Candidates

  1. Can’t you vote your conscience by voting against Barack Obama by voting for McCain? I see no inconsistency with ideals if you vote for McCain even if you don’t agree with him. You have merely acknowledged the reality that the next president will be either McCain or Obama and you don’t want it to be Obama.

  2. I think that’s a valid argument, and I may be convinced enough by it to pull the lever for McCain. I’m not there yet though.

    I’m sure there comes a point for people though, when it’s not enough to be voting against someone/something. At that point you have to acknowledge that both options suck, and you don’t want to be associated with either of them. And the point is, in our elections you don’t have to. If I choose to vote for Paul, Barr, or someone else, that’s a valid option. Now, some may get mad at those who don’t support McCain if Obama wins. I don’t think I’d really feel bad about it. I don’t like Obama and I don’t like McCain, so trying to tell me it’d be worse if Obama was president doesn’t really do that much for me. I’m not sure how much worse it would be. Heck, for all of GWB’s failings, at least he accomplished the things I was voting for him to do. I certainly don’t like everything he’s done, but he did pull through on the things he said he would do.

    Right now I don’t want to ever have to say I voted for McCain, because that will make me at least a little complicit in what he does later on—-especially if he’s been saying he’ll do it throughout the whole campaign.

  3. I’m not doubting that Obama would be bad. I’m having doubts as to whether McCain, even though running under the Repub banner, will be much better. By voting for someone else entirely I would be voting against—both of them.

  4. I think on some very important issues, McCain would be much better. For example, Obama wants nationalized health care, McCain doesn’t. Obama would pull us out of Iraq regardless of any facts on the ground, McCain wouldn’t. Obama would appoint liberal judges to the supreme court and McCain says he won’t. McCain would try and lower taxes, etc.

    McCain obviously has some problems. I’m most worried about this global warming cap and trade nonsense, but I think McCain would be much better.

  5. Scott:

    As I’ve stated on this before, regardless of whether the media says your pick will win or not, I say you should vote with your conscience. Hence, I am voting for the Libertarian candidate, Bob Barr. When it comes to slimming down the federal government, overturning that Constitutional monstrocity Roe v Wade, and reasserting the American tradition of non-interventionism, Bob Barr is the only candidate that matches up to those… and those are the 3 criteria by which I vote — all 3 are connected to securing our individual liberties.

    In a sense, I’m voting against McCain and Obama, but moreso, I’m voting for the man who will uphold the Constitution.


  6. I’ll place a bet right now saying that McCain won’t lower taxes, and that his judges will not be anywhere near as good as the judges you’re hoping for. I think the best he’d do is to continue the Bush tax cuts.

    As for nationalized health care, I’m sure that’s one area where he could be swung. Face it, over half the guy’s stuff is telling about how much of a “maverick” he is. By that he means “how much he doesn’t side with his own party”.

    I think Karl is right. Neither Obama nor McCain would reduce the size of the government, lower taxes, or appoint good judges. As for the war, well, that’s really the only appealing thing about McCain for me.

  7. If McCain doesn’t lower taxes, it would only be because of the Democratic Congress. See what Larry Kudlow has to say about his tax plans at National Review. He wants to lower the corporate income tax rate to 25% and flatten the income tax. With Democratic majorities in Congress this is unlikely, but really good midterm elections make it an outside possibility.

    McCain says he would appoint judges like Alito and Roberts. I would prefer Scalia and Thomas, but I’ll settle for Alito and Roberts.

    I don’t know if McCain can be “swung” very much. I think he just has opinions which differ from the Republican party.

  8. I’m not so sure a Democratic congress would be too much worse than a Repub one. After all, the Repubs held the house, senate, and the Presidency for several years, and in that time they managed to spend like drunken sailors and balloon the size of the government.

    And I think this is what Karl and I are mad about—the Repubs aren’t acting like Repubs should act. Which is why we feel disinclined to vote for them anymore. It would seem like they need to be woken up to that fact, and the only way to do it is to vote for people who act like Repubs should act.

  9. One of my ideals is that it is better to make sacrifices so that your sworn enemy does not win than to lose because you would neither give nor take any quarter. Hence, I’m for McCain.

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