More on Presidential Candidates

A friend sent me an e-mail a while back proposing this: “I will be in Illinois, which is a solid blue state. A friend says, due to IL being blue, he’s going to vote for [Ron] Paul in November–but if he were in an actual competitive state, he’d go for McCain.” That’s an intriguing scenario. The idea is, if you are in a state that is never in a hundred years going to go for a Republican, you vote your ideals. If the state is up for grabs, you vote against the Democrat (in this case; I suppose if you can reconcile your conscience to the Democratic platform–yeah, yeah, I know some of you can’t reconcile your conscience to the Republican one either–you might do a similar thing on the other side in November). Or there’s this (NOTE: possibly offensive semi-censored language; thanks to Scott for the link).

I think this, from CT, is a pretty balanced guide for voters, and not only Christian voters.