A Couple of Links

Happy Mother’s Day, indeed.  Happy Mother’s Day to my mother and my wife.

I didn’t know that Dr. Nagel (Professor Emeritus at Concordia Seminary, St. Louis) was writing for CT.  That’s a joke, but do yourself a favor and listen to any or all of these mp3s in the “Issues, Etc.” archives.  Nagel deserves to be the most influential Lutheran theologian going now.  (Of course, he couldn’t care less about such a designation, but he has a knack for cutting to the heart of any question and hitting bedrock for the sake of the comfort of salvation.)


5 thoughts on “A Couple of Links

  1. That is a lot of kids. Frankly, I think they went too far. Not in the number of kids, but in naming one of them “Jinger Duggar.”

  2. I heard what you said to Mom, Timothy. Jinger? I believe it’s pronounced like the spice thing. Not like linger. They wanted all their kids to have the same initial letter. That’s how it was pronounced in the Discovery videos.

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