Some Links

Here’s LifeNews on “Issues.” And make sure you don’t miss Augsburg 1530, which seems to be the clearinghouse for all things “Issues.”

Still nothing from the Post-Dispatch, at least online, even though the Religion editor told me that they were “on it.”

And is it just me, or are environmentalists getting stupider ideas all the time? “Earth Hour”? Are you joking? My favorite part of the story was:

The number of participants was not immediately available, but organizers were hoping to beat last year’s debut, when 2.2 million people and more than 2,000 businesses shut off lights and appliances, resulting in a 10.2 percent reduction in carbon emissions during that hour.

Seriously? A whole 10.2 percent! Sorry; whom did that help? And, by the way, when did the World Wrestling Federation get into stopping carbon emissions?

Finally, I commend to you the Reverend Joel Brondos’ blog. We were comrades on the old World Mag Blog site, and he’s still got great stuff. Wish I had found his (relatively) new blog before this.


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