More on “Issues”

Read Chaz on the Schwarzes; here are more links via Josh Schroeder; it’s on the Boar’s Head Tavern.

Here’s my e-mail to David Strand:

I am sure your e-mail box is filling up with questions and demands.

I, too, am waiting for an official answer about why this show has been canceled.  It was the show on KFUO AM.  I and many others will be waiting for an answer.  Rumors should not be allowed to run rampant because there is no official response.




One thought on “More on “Issues”

  1. There is another “national” voice calling for the return of IE. See the post to The Corner blog of National Review by LCMS member Mark Hemingway posted March 21st at 12:47 pm…

    Get “Issues, Etc.” Back on the Air [Mark Hemingway]

    My church denomination, the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod, owns a radio station in St. Louis where the church is headquartered. Far and away the most popular thing on that radio station, KFUO, was a program they produced called “Issues, Etc.” The show was widely syndicated across the country and had a rabid podcast following.

    Though the show held fast to its confessional Lutheran identity, it was really a show for the broader Christian community, covering a wide range of religious, cultural and political issues. Topics on the program in just the last month included everything from the story of St. Patrick, Sigmund Freud and guilt, tithing, the ethics of sex changes to the latest news of interest regarding abortion and stem cell research. Religious heavyweights such as Fr. Richard John Neuhaus of First Things, Dr. Alister McGrath, and Dr. Albert Mohler of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary could frequently be found as guests on the program. Guests on the program of interest around these parts include Edwin Meese, Robert George, Rod Dreher and our own Ramesh Ponnuru.

    Earlier this week, the popular show was inexplicably canceled — during holy week no less — and no reason was given by the synod. Further, the two men who host and produce the show were given no warning whatsoever. The show’s website was completely removed, though the archives were restored due to public outcry. In the meantime, an online petition is circulating. Some 2600+ people have signed the petition to get the show back on the air in less than 48 hours.

    If you’ve ever enjoyed listening to “Issues, Etc.” — and I know many of the readers here have — please go and sign the petition. I’m sure the the bureaucrats in St. Louis had no idea what they were doing and could be swayed by the public outcry.

    03/21 12:47 PM

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