Nanny Nation Exhibited

Hey, I say, no harm, no foul.  It’s that “it takes a village” garbage.  Can you imagine how much worse this will be under Hillary-rule?

And what is the actual problem here?  We never get all the details from the media, but I can’t see what the deal is, other than cell phones should be banned from all classrooms.  But I like this quote from the police chief: “It’s hard to tell what was going on, but there is always the chance that someone could get hurt or injured.”  What does that mean?  When is there not a chance that “someone could get hurt or injured”?  Now the police are investigating injuries that might be inflicted?  What is this, Minority Report?  

Maybe I’m old-fashioned, but I say let the parents parent their children, and prosecute where actual crimes have taken place.  Don’t we have enough actual bad parents and actual criminals to find them where they aren’t?



5 thoughts on “Nanny Nation Exhibited

  1. Might be a bit of a stretch, but this is the kind of thinking that opposes Concealed Carry on Campus (a FaceBook group of which I am a member: All these people are talking about the terrible things that COULD happen with students being allowed to carry concealed on campus, but there are zero facts to back up these fears, while we have hundreds of statistics.

  2. When we say “It takes a village” it should be understood as a community with like values, NOT to mean “baby businesses” like daycare and (laugh) “preschool” for kids who are 2 and under because that is just daycare with a less-guilty sounding name for the parents who would RATHER dump them off than actually raise them. You see, my mom actually grew up in a village. She was accountable to EVERYBODY in that village if she broke her parents rules (which were in agreement with the parental rules for all the parents in the village). All in all, in the context of true community (One holy catholic and apostolic). Of course I know that is not what Hillary meant. I just see a need to defend a fine term when it is being abused.

  3. Who is “we”? I’m with you on what you’re saying, but Hillary popularized the term, so that was the sort of thing I was running with.

    Thanks Cap’n! Hope everything is going well for you as you prepare for Call Day.


  4. Wow…I read and watched the links. Wow…what is wrong with people? I know the answer, but the actions by the police in Chicago and the fool reporters are ridiculously over-reactive. What petty minds. The way Fox reported it was horrible – they called it violence, when it should have been alleged violence. And then the interviews with the kids…uh, dude, man, uh he is cool, man. Asking the students to evaluate the actions of the teacher? What?! This makes me angry. At whom? That is the problem. This mindset is entrenched and the cancer is growing.

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