More From the Religion of Peace and Tolerance


“Shame, shame on the U.K.,” protesters chanted.

They called for Gibbons’ execution, saying, “No tolerance: Execution,” and “Kill her, kill her by firing squad.” …

Some of the protesters carried green banners with the name of the Society for Support of the Prophet Muhammad, a previously unknown group.

Many protesters carried clubs, knives and axes — but not automatic weapons, which some have brandished at past government-condoned demonstrations. That suggested Friday’s rally was not organized by the government.

A Muslim cleric at Khartoum’s main Martyrs Mosque denounced Gibbons during one sermon, saying she intentionally insulted Islam. He did not call for protests, however.

“Imprisoning this lady does not satisfy the thirst of Muslims in Sudan. But we welcome imprisonment and expulsion,” the cleric, Abdul-Jalil Nazeer al-Karouri, a well-known hard-liner, told worshippers.

“This an arrogant woman who came to our country, cashing her salary in dollars, teaching our children hatred of our Prophet Muhammad,” he said.

And what, exactly, would “satisfy the thirst” of Muslims in Sudan? Don’t answer that if you live in a Muslim country. You might find yourself on trial for insulting the religion of peace. And they might peacefully call for your execution.

Well, at least Muslims in the U.K. are condemning the conviction.

“One of the good things is the U.K. Muslims who’ve condemned the charge as completely out of proportion,” said Paul Wishart, 37, a student in London.

“In the past, people have been a bit upset when different atrocities have happened and there hasn’t been much voice in the U.K. Islamic population, whereas with this, they’ve quickly condemned it.”

That’s good. They condemn a fifteen-day sentence for naming a teddy bear Muhammad, but when it comes to honor killings, beheadings, and blowing up themselves to maim and kill, “there hasn’t been much voice in the U.K. Islamic population.” On the other hand, “with this, they’ve quickly condemned it.” That makes me feel better. Would they have condemned it so “quickly” if they had decided to behead her?

Have the Democrats at least caught up with the U.K. Islamic population?