4 thoughts on “Exposing the “Snowjob” that is Al Gore

  1. i really feel global warming is a serious problem..and we need to do something,i would support al gore. I dont believe in this cooked up story that has been put up to wash out a serious issue. Global warming is caused by each one of us and we need to stand up and fight against it instead of ridiculing someone who is fighting for the cause…

  2. Well thanks, reshma, for responding so eloquently to the issues raised. Clearly, the facts matter to you and nothing will deter you from those facts, not even your own “feelings” and “beliefs.”


  3. The so called “facts” that ALgore uses to support his claims are in many instances false, inaccurate, misleading and dead wrong. The highest court in England has ruled that there are at least 11 falsehoods in the movie. The court also ruled that before his propaganda movie is shown to students, the teacher must list these 11 falsehoods.
    Why is it that a career politician is touted as some type of expert on the climate when there are scientists who’ve studied the climate their entire lives and believe the climatic system is too complex to make any reasonable predictions?
    What does his BS movie have to do with world peace? What has he done for world peace to warrant a nobel prize? Nothing. Its part of the world leftist agenda to slow down the productive economies of the world because the left can’t compete.
    The left in this counrty have, for 35 years ,crippled our efforts to end our dependence on foreign oil. They’ve destroyed the american nuclear industry before one person was ever harmed. They’ve stopped us from drilling for oil and refining oil. The few nuke plants running are threatened with shut downs yearly by “political activists”. The left’s policies have made us far more dependent on foreign oil, yet we continue to give credence to their confoolery.
    It’s time to stop worrying about the Earth and worry about our Great Nation first.

  4. “It’s time to stop worrying about the Earth and worry about our Great Nation first.”

    if we have no earth how will we have a great nation????

    and your 11 falsehoods is a lie. sure they pointed out errors in the movie. things like incorrenct measurements of CO2. IE gore reported 381 ppb of co2 over mauna loa…actually number was 379.75 so you can see hes a total liar right???

    why not treat the earth like GOD would want it treated. God gave us this earth to love and cherish correct? so why dump on it and abuse it. its a gift from god. after all dont you want a clean earth for our kids?

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