6 thoughts on “Dear Lord, Preserve Us

  1. If the authorities were smart they would auction the booze off to licensed sellers and put the funds back into the state coffers, or donate it to their various social programs. But that would make sense.

  2. You’ve got to be kidding me! Flush it… even if it is a 100 years old. We can not even know the consequences of this returning back to an irresponsible community of drinkers. Follow one of these bottles to a funeral where someone drank “too much” and didn’t recognize it until after they slammed their car into an innocent bystander. I ask which is the travesty???
    I get it is a lawful, “freedom” to drink… But by no means is it profitable in the world we live in. It is one of the “golden calves” or at least an Ashtaroth “pole” of our day. In Judges 2 the Lord “handed the Israelites over to raiders” b/c they worshipped the idols of their time. Our idols today just comes in a bottle… Once we have cut down these idols in our hearts then maybe our “Dear Lord would choose to preserve us”…

  3. Dave, everyone has his own idols. Alcohol is not necessarily the idol of choice for everyone. Chesterton said that the problem with both the alcoholic and the teetotaller is that they both treat alcohol in the same way: as a drug. Can it be a drug? Certainly. Is alcohol an idol for you? Don’t drink it. You’ll have a hard time convincing anyone that drinking is a sin in and of itself.


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