Presidential Impressions


I watched the Republican presidential candidate debate on CNBC today. Just a few impressions: I like Romney on everything, Giuliani on security, Brownback on family issues, Tancredo on immigration, Huckabee on a lot of stuff, and Ron Paul not at all. (First, he was almost hysterical; second, he has two first names.) I like Thompson on YouTube when he’s bashing Michael Moore, but he was not very impressive today. I just hope the nominee is not Giuliani because I can’t deal with his position on abortion. Any comments? (That’s the first debate I watched.)Another thing I liked about this debate was that they were actually talking about substantive issues and they had actual debate. They also didn’t waste a lot of time. Haven’t seen any Democratic debates yet, but I would like to know where the theocracy police are when Obama says that he wants to build the kingdom of God on earth. George Bush has never even come close to such a statement.