Shoot; I’ve Already Lost Mine

Purpose of appendix believed found

Five scientists not connected with the research said that the Duke theory makes sense and raises interesting questions.

The idea “seems by far the most likely” explanation for the function of the appendix, said Brandeis University biochemistry professor Douglas Theobald. “It makes evolutionary sense.”

Well. As long as we’ve got that–evolutionary sense, that is.


2 thoughts on “Shoot; I’ve Already Lost Mine

  1. But I thought the appendix was proof that there wasn’t a designer. What kind of God would put a useless organ in us? Don’t tell me now they’ve actually found that it does something useful. So there may be a creator?

  2. No, you forget, Scott, that everything supports evolution. We have a useless organ? Obviously, it’s from natural selection. Oh, it has a use? It’s a vestige of our previously unevolved selves. See how the game works?


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